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Voluptuous (6 page)

“Yes, you were.” He patted his lap. “You know what to do.”

Meredith dropped the blanket. Sam moaned when he saw she was
naked underneath. He grabbed her wrist but instead of pulling her over his lap,
he drew her in for a hot kiss. She was on her knees on the sofa in an instant,
straddling his lap, her lips crushed by his. How could she have thought she
could ever live without his taste? Without his touch?

Too soon he pulled away.

“That’s what you could have had for the past week,” he
growled. “Every day. Every night. We could have been kissing and hugging and
fucking. I should have tied you to the bed and not let you go.”



She cupped his face and kissed him softly, putting as much
emotion as she could into the caress of her lips over his.

He grabbed her wrists. “Enough stalling. Over my knee.”

She took a deep breath, not wanting to disobey him but not
wanting to go further until she let him know how she felt. “I just want to say
one thing first.”

He stroked the inside of her wrist with his thumb. “What’s

She squirmed on his lap. His cock was hard behind his zipper
where it rubbed against her pussy. “When you’re done with my well-deserved
punishment, and we eat some of that pizza, because I don’t think I’ve eaten a
full meal in the past week, I just wanted you to know that I have rope in the
back of my closet too. And you can keep me tied to the bed as often as you want
to.” She caught his gaze. “As long as you’re here with me.”

He released her wrists and ran his hands over her body, over
every curve. When she saw the desire in his eyes, she knew she’d never look at
her body the same way again. She’d never regret risking her heart for him.

“I’ll be here, sweetheart.” He kissed her again and then the
smile dropped from his face. “Over my knee for your punishment.”

Meredith stretched over Sam’s lap, her body already tingling
with desire. It wasn’t until she’d buried her face in the sofa cushions that
she let her smile appear.

She was surprised when the first slap came, even though she
thought she was ready, even though she’d been looking forward to it. She
yelped. Jumped. The sting radiated through her and she realized that while she
remembered the pleasure she’d received from her earlier spanking, she must have
blanked out how much it actually hurt. At least at the beginning.

She bit her lip and let the strikes come, sharp and scary,
like her fears had been. She curled her hands into fists and her fingernails
dug into her palms as the pain threatened to overwhelm her.

But gradually the pain faded away, just like her fears.
There was nothing left but arousal. Pleasure. Sam.

One of his hands rubbed her back in a heavy, steady circle,
holding her down yet soothing her at the same time. But his other hand was
gone, had lifted. Left her. Her ass burned. Her pussy throbbed. And she wanted
to feel that hand again.

“More,” she moaned. Meredith lifted her hips as much as she
could, searching for the hand, the stimulation. Searching for Sam.

Instead of his hand, she felt soft lips touch her ass. The
skin was so hot she wouldn’t have been surprised if the moist kisses had
sizzled as he rained them over her bottom. Tears sprang to her eyes that had
nothing to do with pain.

“Sam,” she murmured.

“Come here,” he whispered. He gathered her into his arms and
lifted her onto his lap. She hissed when her sore ass rubbed his denim-covered
legs. Sam rested his forehead against hers. “I was so afraid I’d lost you

“I’m sorry.” She couldn’t say it enough.

“Do you believe me now? Do you trust me, sweetheart?”

She knew what he was asking. Did she believe him when he
said he thought she was beautiful? Did she trust him not to leave when the
night was over? “Yes. I believe you. I trust you.” She slid her hands beneath
his sweatshirt, seeking his bare skin. “I want you, Sam. I need you.”

He helped her strip the shirt from his body and then she
sighed. She leaned into him, pressed against him, rested her head on his
shoulder. Sam was really here. She hadn’t lost him. He wrapped his arms around
her and simply held her.

At first, Meredith soaked him in, his warmth, his scent. But
soon she began instinctively to rock her hips, rubbing her pussy against his
hard cock. The teasing stimulation helped her ignore the burn from the way her
bare red ass rubbed against the denim. The fly of his jeans added an extra
layer of thickness between her legs. She grasped his strong shoulders and met
his heated gaze, continuing to stimulate them both with her movements.

“Hold on.” Sam stroked her breasts with the backs of his
hands for a brief moment before his fingers bit into her hips and he pushed her
back, off his fly, almost off his lap. He fumbled with his belt and Meredith
laughed as she helped release him from his jeans. Laughed with joy that she had
made him feel this desperate, this aroused.

Her hands wrapped around his cock as soon as it was freed.
He was so big, so hard, so hot. Sam groaned and dropped his head back as she
caressed him with both hands. She stroked the curved length, so hard and strong
beneath skin as soft as velvet.

Pre-come glistened at the tip and she couldn’t resist
gathering the cream on her finger and sliding it into her mouth. “Mmm.”

Meredith inched forward until her pussy brushed against his
hot length, then began to rock her hips again, stroking him with her slick,
needy flesh.

“So good,” he moaned.

Sam grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, pressing his
rock-hard cock tightly against her pussy, sliding it along her sensitive folds.
Meredith gasped. The exquisite pressure against her clit, combined with the
delicious burn still radiating from her sore ass, pushed her arousal even
higher. She wanted to ride him. Take him. Claim him.

Show him how much he already meant to her. How much she
wanted him. Needed him.

“Condom?” she asked, her voice breathy and frantic. “Please
say you have at least one with you.”

“You mean you don’t have them stashed all around your living
room within easy reach?” he asked with a grin. He tightened his grip on her
hips and rubbed his cock even harder against her. Her pussy clenched and her
clit throbbed. She wanted to feel him inside her. Now.

“No,” she moaned. “That will be the first thing on my list
in the morning, but it doesn’t help us right now.”

Sam chuckled. “Back pocket.”

Meredith scrambled off his lap so he could reach into the
back pocket of his jeans and pull out the condom packet. He tossed it to her
and then stripped the rest of the clothing from his magnificent body. She hated
to drag her eyes away from him for the time it took to rip open the packet and
pull out the condom.

But when Sam sat back down on the sofa, she eagerly
straddled his legs and rolled the condom over his thick, pulsing erection. Then
with more grace than she thought she possessed, Meredith settled herself over
his cock and lowered her body, sinking down, taking him deep. He filled her
completely. Their twin moans rang out in perfect harmony.

He gathered her breasts into his hands then and buried his
face between the globes. His hum of pleasure vibrated around her and she felt
cherished, adored. After a moment, he raised his head to look in her eyes. He
thumbed her nipples and she shivered as delicious tingles ran along her skin
and shot straight between her thighs.

“This is where I want to be,” he murmured. “Always.
Surrounded by you. Buried deep within you. Feeling you tremble. Seeing your
smile. Hearing your laugh.”

“Sam.” She sighed. She kissed him slowly, thoroughly. Then
she started to move, slowly riding him, stroking him, pleasuring him. What had
started out as desperate physical need had turned into a sensual way to show
him how much she cared. “This is where I want to be. In your arms. Feeling you
deep inside me.” She squeezed her inner muscles around him and heard his breath
catch. “I want to listen to rock music with you and eat cold pizza after making
love.” She kissed him again. “And wake up in your arms in the morning.”

He surprised her by flipping her onto her back on the sofa.
He was still buried deep inside her and he stretched out over her, covering her
with his hard body. His lips found hers again as he moved over her, moved in
her. At first, the thrusts were slow, his cock dragging in and out of her core.
But soon he picked up his pace, plunging harder, faster.

Meredith wrapped her legs around his hips and matched each
of his movements with equal passion. Their heavy breathing heated the air
around them. The angle of his thrusts rubbed her in just the right way and that
intense tension quickly started to build. Her panting picked up, her gasps grew
louder. Her climax slammed into her before she expected it and she screamed as
the orgasmic waves made her body writhe beneath him.

Sam wasn’t far behind her. His handsome jaw clenched and he
threw his head back as he came, thrusting even more frantically as he rode out
his orgasm. He collapsed onto her, his head falling to her shoulder, his
breathing loud in her ear.

She smiled and kissed his cheek. It was too soon to tell him
she loved him but when the time was right, she wouldn’t be afraid to say the
words. Not anymore.

Sam lifted his head and kissed her softly. “Wow.”

“Yeah.” There was no better word to describe what they’d
just shared.

“Now wouldn’t it have been tragic to have never experienced
that?” he asked.

“Truly tragic,” she agreed.

He grinned then, his face lighting up. “How about some

She grinned back. “I thought you’d never ask.”

About Natasha Moore


I fell in love with the written word as soon as I could
read. I started writing my own stories while I was still in grade school. I
even passed around my own version of fanfic to my classmates long before the
term was ever coined. As I grew up, I fell in love with romance and I love the
chance to add some extra sizzle to my stories.

I live with my own real life hero who is happy to tell
everyone that he’s my inspiration. We travel in our RV whenever possible—the
great thing about writing is I can take it anywhere. See you down the road.


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