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Authors: Sean Moriarty

Gettin' Dirty (5 page)

“What’s not going to work?” he asks.

“I am soooo not looking in your eyes again. No more going goofy for me tonight. I need to get my pants back on.”

“Now, Aaliyah, where would the fun be in that?”

He puts a finger underneath my chin and lifts my face up to look at his. I squeeze my eyes tightly closed and just stand there. I must look like an idiot, but so be it as long as this keeps us from making with the sex right here on my kitchen counter.

He rumbles out a deep chuckle. “What are you doing, Aaliyah?”

“Umm…” I say.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?”

“Because you have that sexy eye thing going on and I am not falling for it.”

“You really think that’s all that keeps you safe from me?”

“Yep. So you go ahead and get going, I need to get dressed.”


I feel a hand cup my cheek as the other gently moves my hand from my breast. Oh, shit. His lips lightly touch mine for a brief moment before pulling away. My mouth opens as his fingers twiddle my nipple.

Gasping out in pleasure, he takes advantage of the situation as he sticks his tongue right back into my mouth. We kiss hard for a long moment before he pulls back. My eyes snap open a second later as I feel his hands move from my cheek and breast. I look into the open air in front of me before it dawns on me that he isn’t there. Looking down, I see him kneeling right in front of me.

Well, fuck. I guess it was sexy eyes
sexy lips as he looks up with a grin.

My mind shutters to a stop as he pulls off my pants from one foot then the other. He pushes me back against the kitchen counter while his mouth presses hard against the flesh right above my pussy. I am so wet and hot down there right now it’s almost embarrassing. I have never been in this position before, and the thought of him getting ready to do what I think he is about to do makes me feel faint.

His tongue lashes out against my outer lips and I convulse so hard I nearly slam my pussy into his face.

“Shit… What are you doing, Seamus?” I ask in a raspy voice.

He doesn’t answer though as he grabs my left leg to push it over his shoulder. His head comes forward and I feel his tongue slip out again against my wet folds. He takes a long lick of my lips and I just about scream.

I run my fingers through his head as I pull him tight against me. I have never had a man put his mouth on my pussy before, it does things to my insides that is indescribable. He pushes one of his fingers deep inside me and I feel myself clench hard at that thick long finger. It’s no substitute for his cock but it is damn close.

I grind my hips hard against his face for a long moment. Each time he brushes his tongue on my wet lips I make little whimpering sounds. I have no control over the sounds I make it seems, and the first time he presses his tongue hard against my clit I shriek in total shock. Total shock of something that feels that impossibly perfect and amazing.

I can’t get enough of that feeling. “Oh god, do that again, Seamus. Please, I am begging you.”

He doesn’t disappoint me as he does it over and over. I am better adjusted now so I don’t shriek but I can’t help the moans that escape my lips. I feel my body building towards a cliff, a cliff I am sure if I leap off of I will never find my way back up.

It’s when he places his lips around my clit and lightly sucks on it with his tongue flickering against it that I fall down from the cliff. My heart stops as my inner muscles bear down so hard against his finger deep inside of me I can feel that he can barely move it.

I throw my head back in a silent scream as he does it over and over. I can barely get a breath now as I have to push his head hard away from my sensitive body. I am shuttering and shaking with each breath. Opening my eyes, I look at him leaning back from me with a huge grin on his face.

I want to move to somewhere to sit but my legs feel like jelly right now, and I know if I even try to walk I will be face planting. Shit, that was fucking amazing.

“Oh, my, god.”

“Yeah, you can call me God if you want,” he says with a smirk.

Fuck, if he does that to me every day I think he just might be one. Damn, I would even build a shrine for him.

“You… That… Was… Amazing.” I can barely get the words out.

Standing up in front of me, he looks me dead in the eye. “That was just the start, sweetheart.”

I would run from him right now if I could because that predatory look he is giving me has my whole body clenching in time with my thundering heartbeats.

Just as he reaches out to take my hand I hear a loud cry coming from Mina’s room. Shit, fuck, shit!

I lean down shakily as I pull my pants up.

“Crap!” I say as I look up to him. He’s still there giving me that look. Shit.

“I have to go to her, she has a hard time sleeping sometimes,” I mumble as I start to pull my shirt back on.

“It’s okay, I can wait,” he says as he walks over to the couch and sits down.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be in there…”

“No worries.”

t has been
at least an hour since I went into Mina’s room, but since I left my phone in the kitchen, I have no clue how long it’s truly been.

As I quietly shut the door behind me and step out into the living room, I see Seamus leaning back on the couch. His shoes have been kicked off, and he has some sports program on. He is quietly sleeping there with his arms across his chest. He doesn’t look nearly as menacing right now as he does when he is wide awake.

I don’t know what it is that wakes him up, but I’ve barely made a sound—if I did at all.

One moment he is fully asleep and the next he is wide awake. His eyes aren’t that sexy dangerous anymore, they are full of that other kind of dangerous. The scary kind.

As soon as he spots me though they soften. He stands up from the couch and walks over to me. Wrapping my arms around his chest, we hug each other tightly.

“Sorry that you had to wait so…”

“Don’t say sorry, it happens. She needed mommy.”

“Yeah, she does that sometimes.”

I step back from him and pull his hand towards my bedroom. “Please understand something Seamus…”

As we walk into my moonlit bedroom, he says “What’s that, Sweetheart?”

“I…” sitting on the side of my bed I feel it sink down as he sits right next to me.

“You, what?”

“I want to take it slow… Please… Can we just hold each other tonight?”

He’s silent for only a moment. “Of course.”

We both sit there for a moment before he stands up. Not even pretending to not look, I watch in the moonlight as he strips down to a pair of boxers. Oh. My. God. His body is shaped from moving granite, I swear. He looks like a greek statue. The tattoos I see all over him only add to the intensity of his body. He looks hard, and

I stand when he is done, but I don’t have the courage like he does to just strip down. Even if he has seen the most intimate parts of me I still want a bit of privacy. Grabbing a pair of normal sized panties and his t-shirt I say, “Be right back.”

Flipping on the light in the bathroom, I take a quick look at myself in the mirror. I don’t see what I normally do when I look. Right now I see a woman who is tired and so horny she could fuck Seamus for days and it not be enough.

I quickly change into the shirt and panties before going back into the bedroom. I slide into bed and under the covers as I feel Seamus pull me deep into his body. He is definitely the big spoon here as I feel him wrap an arm around my waist.

I can feel his cock semi-hard against my ass, but he doesn’t push it, or me, for more. Damn.

He quietly says, “Good night.”

Then I feel something totally unexpected. He kisses the back of my head before settling himself against me. He kissed the back of my head as a man does to his lover. Kind and caring.

I am almost asleep when I have a single thought race across my mind.

When he woke up in my living room and I saw that other type of dangerous… It wasn’t the type of dangerous all the people I have seen around here try to act like. No, this was dangerous in a scary, almost pee myself, way. As in he is the king of the jungle here, the top of the food chain, and everyone else is below him. I shudder from the thought, but as soon as I do he pulls me tighter. His hot body keeping mine at a low simmer of lust. Damn, even lying next to him is making me horny.

Chapter Six

up with my cock aching, throbbing, trapped between Aaliyah’s thighs. My dick must have popped out of the front hole in the boxers sometime during the night, and what a fucking torture this has become. I can hear her steady breathing and I am pretty sure she is asleep but the slow shifting of her hips is driving me nuts.

Her panties are getting wetter each time she shifts back on me. Her breathing deepens and I feel her hand reach back to grab at my hip.

“Seamus…” she breathes out as she keeps up the pace of her wet pussy clad in panties rubbing against my cock.

Reaching around, I slide my hand up her shirt and grab her breast. I pinch her nipple as I thrust between her thighs. It isn’t the greatest of pleasures, but with how wet she is it sure helps with the friction. I am thrusting hard between her legs, my fingers rolling her breast and nipple. Her hips begin to increase the pace, our hips slapping together. Each thrust bringing her closer and closer. I can feel myself close, and it sucks to think she has such command of my body right now that I am going to come from what pretty much amounts to dry humping. But so be it. My balls are so fucking full of my seed I am about to erupt.

She tilts her head to the side and I lean forward. Our kiss isn’t nearly deep enough, but it is enough for her to start reaching her peak. She is moaning loudly, each thrust back bringing her waves of pleasure. I can’t stop myself when I hear her whisper, “I’m coming.”

My cock erupts between her thighs and it’s all I can do not to shout in ecstasy as my balls pump my thick seed all over her thighs and cotton panties.

“Fuck!” I grunt. I keep pushing between her thighs, they tighten as she thrusts back against me.

“Oh god, Seamus. Oh god. I’m…there…God.”

We slowly stop humping each other. My own orgasm must have made a mess because I can feel my sticky cum everywhere.

“Yeah, see, I told you you’d think of me that way.”

She looks back at me in the early morning light. “That was… How did that happen?”

I smirk when I say, “All you, sweetheart. I woke to find you grinding on my cock.”

“But I…”

“It must be how damn sexy I am.”

“You are so sure of yourself,” she says as she spreads her legs a bit, “Ick. We are really sticky!”

“Yeah, we are. How about a…” I am interrupted by a shrill alarm on her nightstand. Shit.

“Crap! I have to work…” she groans.

Already she is pulling my shirt off of her body. I am expecting it to be shoved back at me—I’m not expecting it to be shoved down between her legs to keep all of our goop off the bed.

“Hey! That’s my shirt!” She stands up from the bed and looks over her shoulder at me. She is only wearing panties, and right now that is one of the most sensually sexy sights I have ever seen. Holy shit.

“You shouldn’t have taken advantage of me this morning.” She winks at me then walks out of the room, wiping off our combined spend.

Fuck me.

I lean down and slide my jeans on first. Then my socks and boots. I hear her in the shower and I am so sorely tempted to join as I make my way to the bathroom. Poking my head in I say, “Is there room for me?”

“No!” she hisses loudly. “You come in here and I will be late for work. I cannot afford to lose my job.”

“But I promise to be fast,” I say with a chuckle.

“Are you a minute man?” She snickers out to me.

“Fuck no.”

“Too bad. Go home. I have to get Mina up and get her to the sitter then go to work.”

“What time do you get home?”


“Hey, I can camp out all day in front of your door if you want me to.”

She sticks that beautiful face out from behind the curtain, wearing a frown. “Would you really do that?”

“To keep seeing you again? Yes.”


“You haven’t figured it out yet?” I ask, and I know she will be grumpy when I say what it is.

“No…What do you mean?”

“You’re mine, Aaliyah.”

“I’m what?” she sputters, the water in her hair running over her face as her eyes go wide.

“What time tonight, Aaliyah?” I say back,

“Four-thirty. What did you say?”

“I said you’re mine.” I smirk and pull my head back from the rag that comes flying towards my head.

After I hear the plop, I stick my head back in. “See you tonight, sexy butt.”

out of her apartment building into the breaking dawn. It’s beautiful outside. Not nearly as hot as it will be getting today. I really do not like hot days like this. I am a cold kind of person.

I get to the door of the building, and as I pull it open I see Trevon walking down the steps. He is bleary-eyed as he says, “Morning. You look like something the cat dragged in.”

“Thanks. I feel like it.” I say and keep on walking.

I do sorta feel like something the cat dragged in because my balls are still aching. I still need to get a good honest nut out of my balls. I may have blown a load all over her thighs, and those are really fucking sexy thighs, but I really need to put a load deep inside of her. Deep, deep inside.

I am not entirely clear-headed as I enter my apartment, but the alarms I set up to notify me on my phone if any were tripped are still there. That’s a good thing. I don’t think Tony and his boys will be back anytime soon.

I strip out of my jeans and boxers, kicking my clothes off as I crank the shower up to full heat. I wash this morning’s spend from my cock and resist the temptation to jerk off. I need to blast a nut, but right now I need it to be deep in her pussy.

Drying my body off, I stare at my bed. The first night in its new home and I didn’t even sleep on it. That seems like a crime in some way.

I lay down on the sheets and move around to get comfortable. Shit. This bed is magical.

to my phone ringing from my nightstand. Holy shit, this bed is amazing, I have never felt something this comfortable before. It’s like a cloud of fucking heaven. I just need Aaliyah for it to be perfect.

I grumble as I look at the phone as it starts up ringing again.

I look down at the number and grumble, it’s a Cleveland based one. It’s Frank.

“Hello,” I grumble into the phone.

“Seamus, my friend! Long time no talk.”

“What do you want, Frank?”

“Well, fuck you too, Seamus.”

“I still have the fucking bullet scar in my asscheek from the last time you fucking called me.”

“Won’t happen this time, I promise. I need you for a job.”

“Yeah?” I ask. “Well, I need an armored truck.”


“What?” I ask in confusion; I was just being a smart ass. I have absolutely no need for an armored truck. And what the fuck would be worth that?

“I said done, Seamus. You do the job and I get you an armored truck.” Frank is dead serious; he never fucks around with offers. That’s worrisome.

“Frank, I don’t need an armored truck.”

“I still need you for a job. You got a secure?”

“Yeah, I’ll call you back.”

I drop my personal phone on the bed and go to the kitchen drawers. In the one with all the spatulas I have three new burner phones. Grabbing one, I dial Frank on his secure line.

“What’s the job?” I ask

“I need a hit.”

“I’m out of the game, Frank.”

“Yeah, well, with Lucky and Connor both out as well this area has zero hitters right now.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m still working, Frank.”

“How about this? I owe you a favor if you do it.”

Well, fuck me. This is serious as shit then. Frank doesn’t give out favors, ever. Fuck me. That is a huge fucking thing. It’s like finding a gold mine right in your own back yard.

Frank is a guy who gets things for people, and on seldom occasions he has jobs he farms out to very trusted people. He is neutral to all gangs, mobs and groups. He has absolutely no affiliation to anyone so he is more trusted than a bank. If someone wants something, he has it. No matter what it is. The things I have heard people use him for range from hits to getting groceries. I’m not kidding though when I say he will get someone anything, but he also charges a pretty hefty penny too.

“What’s the job?”

“There is a Russian who has caused quite a large amount of issues for his for a lot of people. They have asked that he be neutralized as soon as possible. They even have a window for where he will be for the hit.”

“That doesn’t really sound like much of a job, Frank. What are you not telling me?”

He’s silent for a long moment. “He’s ex-Spetsnaz. So are the six guys he has guarding him.”

“Oh.” That’s why he’s giving out a favor.

Spetsnaz. Yeah… That’s not exactly a fun word to hear when it involves going after someone. They are Russian military guys, very hard hitters and very dangerous. They are like the Navy Seals or Delta Force. Dangerous and deadly is the name for a job like this.

“What’s the time frame?”

“Tomorrow night, around 11 p.m. At a strip club.”

“Nope, not doable.”

It’s not doable at all, not if I want a high percentage of surviving.

“Favor and two million in a bank account.”

“That doesn’t change the fact I more than likely won’t survive.”

He stays silent though as he knows I didn’t reject that offer. That is a lot of money, and it’s a favor. It’s a lot of money, but Frank never operates at a loss. He must be getting at least ten million or more. But this is a lot of money for some old fighter and a group of guys protecting him.

“Who wants the guy dead so badly?”

“Can’t say, Seamus, but let’s just say the guy has secrets on some very high-placed official or officials in the good ol’ motherland.”

“What’s the potential for blowback if this guy gets dropped?”

“None. From the questions I’ve been asking around he’s made a lot of enemies. That’s why he’s over here right now.”

“What’s stopping him from having someone release all his information at the time of his death?”

“Not our concern.”

“Seriously?” I ask, and that just doesn’t sound right to me.

“I asked the same exact question. They want him dead, and as soon as possible.”

“What about the group of guys around him?”

“They can or cannot be collateral damage. Doesn’t matter to the client.”

“Huh. Fuck, Frank, this is a difficult job. I want eight million, the favor, the armored truck and ten burner phones. I want the phones before the job with five pounds of C4.”

“Three million, Seamus.”

“Five million with everything else. The phones and C4 are for the job.”

Frank stays silent for only a moment, then says, “Done.”


I’m embarrassed, ashamed and so fucking horny right now I have been contemplating just rubbing myself raw in the bathroom. The shame and embarrassment is because of how damn wet I have been all damn day. I am only wearing pantyhose and a skirt right now. I had to ditch my soaking wet panties in my purse this afternoon after a bout of thinking about how soon I would be home, near Seamus. It’s like I am Pavlov’s dog, every time I think of Seamus I am soaking wet. My poor pussy has never been this aroused and aroused for this long.

I almost feel guilty for using his shirt to clean up our mess this morning, but he really did deserve it. I just can’t figure out what for yet. The bad part is I keep going over in my mind is that he must have believed me when I faked asleep while I rubbed myself on that gigantic cock of his. It really wasn’t intentional, I swear to myself, I just could not stop it once I started. The feel of him there, between my legs… I haven’t had anything between my thighs except my best friend mister purple dildo since the night I got pregnant.

I just don’t want to become another single mother statistic. I want to get through college, get promoted so I can leave this damn part of town. I want my daughter to look at me and not feel sadness that we are stuck here poor and broke. And this is the war that has got my stomach in knots on the way home.

I want Seamus so badly, sexually and mentally. He is such a handsome man, maybe even a real man. Sexy as can be, and damn is he cocky. But he is funny and absolutely charming with Mina. Not in the slimy way I have seen guys act around other people’s kids just so they can get into the mommy’s panties. No, Seamus is not that. He actually interacts with her, he engages with her. It’s not just a show either, because watching him take over feeding allowed me to watch him. He made sure she ate as much as she played. I just get the feeling that he is a good guy.

A good guy with a very dangerous side to him. Last night when I woke him I just saw it in his eyes, he assessed everything in an instant. He wasn’t checking to make sure he was okay; he was checking for targets. He is one scary man. Scary and sexy. Fuck, that is not a good combination when he is so good with Mina.

Ugh, wet pantyhose and a tired brain. These two things do not make for a good combination. Thank god, I lifted my skirt for the drive home. The seats nearly burnt off my hooha but at least I’m not going to be getting up with a wet spot on my skirt.

I have to tell Seamus that he can’t stay, he can’t be coming around anymore. He can’t come around if he is into something dangerous—not a fucking chance. Fuck. That’s not what I want at all, maybe even what I don’t
If he isn’t into anything that can come back on Mina and I, then maybe I can trust him. But I need to talk to him. No sexy times either. He cannot go using those damn eyes on me again.

“Okay, no sex and no sexy eyes. Only talking,” I mumble to myself while stopped at a red light.

Thinking about no sexy times though makes my poor little pussy sad, and I can feel the sadness because I bet Seamus is an expert lover. He might even make love and fuck. Mmm.

“Shit!” I growl. I have to stop thinking about sex!

The rest of the drive home revolves around me being insanely horny and miserable about having to be responsible. I don’t want to have the
, I want to have the

Pulling into the parking lot, I look over for Seamus’ SUV but don’t see it in the parking lot. Damn. I want to get this whole adult talking thing over with quickly.

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