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Authors: Sean Moriarty

Gettin' Dirty (10 page)

alking back
to my apartment building, I see Trevon coming out. He stares at me for a long moment.

“Man, that’s two walk of shames… You becoming a manwhore?”

I laugh at that. “Nah, I’m pretty much a one woman man now.”

“She got you domesticated?”

I nod my head as I bounce knuckles with him.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I head into the apartment and get dressed for the day.

Chapter Twelve

ast weekend was so damn
amazing. It started with Seamus taking me, Mina and Mrs. Robins out for dinner at a small family restaurant. I don’t know where he heard about this place but the food was so good I just about died and went to heaven. Then mind blowing orgasms all weekend long. Wow, all I can think is

I so needed a workout from all the food he was shoving into me, I just shouldn’t have told him about that. The man is absolutely, positively crazy. He’s forty-five minutes, five times a week fucking crazy. He runs, lifts weights and does cardio or swimming. Five times a week. How he has the power to do what he does leaves me breathless with dread.

The man works out to keep his body the way it is. He gets so focused during it, so intense. It’s that same intensity he has when we are intimate. He doesn’t do half measures with anything. Not even with Mina, it seems, and she hopelessly loves him. He is her monster. I can even tell she gets grumpy if someone interrupts her playtime. It’s so funny and so worrisome.

Goodness help me, but I have fallen for him. Completely and without any chance of it being anything but love. If only it were lust or infatuation, I could maybe try to be more circumspect with how much I need him next to me. But I can’t. I have even told him flat out we will all be sleeping in one apartment or the other. No nights away. No chance of him disappearing on me for however many nights and coming back with a giant wound in his shoulder.

That night we first made love I had to make a serious decision with myself and with him. I had to make the decision, not him. I had to make one that I know will affect me for the rest of my life, good or bad. I have to believe and trust someone, I have to put my faith and heart in someone who could potentially bring bad things to my life. I have to trust. Trust someone when just about everyone in my life has destroyed that ability in me. Damn. Why do I put myself in situations that leave me so damn vulnerable?

I have no clue what I would do though without Seamus. He has opened up my world, and I am going to be forever changed by it. He made me love him. Made me. No choice about it. I am completely in love because he made me be in love. Least that’s what I’m telling myself. Yep, all his fault.

Shaking my head, I look over at him as we drive up the hill to the apartments. Mina is in the back, chattering away at us. We just got stuffed with pizza and we are all happy. He is holding my hand on the console between us and it just feels so right.

We pull up in front of my apartment and I see Michael’s car parked there. Some guy I don’t recognize is leaning out of it, hollering at Michael who is standing in the middle of the doorway to the building.

Fuck my life,
I think sadly. Every damn time I feel like I am getting somewhere Michael has to come around. I have absolutely no doubt that this time will be any different.

I look over to Seamus and see he isn’t happy about Michael being here either. Should I be ashamed that I want Seamus to protect me from the shit that will inevitably happen?

“Damn…” I whisper out as we park two spots away from Michael’s car.

“I got this, babe.” Seamus says as he looks over to me.

He opens his door as I open mine. I move to the door behind me to get Mina out of the SUV. Hmph, that’s the funny thing. I don’t know when but Seamus’ car got a car seat for Mina. I am unstrapping her as Seamus comes around to help. Picking her up, she leans over from me to Seamus. As usual. It seems Seamus is her giant teddy bear monster now.

I smile though to see him holding her, especially when I look at his fingernails. Each finger is a different color. Mina was watching me do mine while they had cartoons on. I had the fantastic idea, at least to Mina and I, to paint Seamus’s nails. He balked at first, but one little pouty lip from me and Mina and his hands were right there in my lap.

My stomach is still dropping though as we walk over to the front door of the building. I haven’t heard from Michael since Seamus kicked him out, and I haven’t thought about him either. Instead I have done nothing but focus on Mina, Seamus and myself. Is there something wrong with that?

“What the fuck you doin’ holdin’ my niece?” Michael asks as he stalks up to Seamus.

Michael is a big guy, at least compared to me he is. But Seamus is huge.

Seamus looks down at Michael. “Manners, Michael. There is no need to use those words arou…”

Michael scoffs at Seamus. “Fuck ya manners, bitch. You and your painted little nails.”

Seamus stands there for a long time before he smiles at Michael. “I would recommend you leave now. You don’t want me to send you away like last time, especially with your friends in your car watching.”

Michael starts to turn red, and I know from experience his fuse is absolutely about to blow. How he calms himself down I have no clue as he turns to me. “Look, I need to talk to you, Lee.”

“About what?” I ask, exasperated. I am pretty damn sure we have said all we need to last time he was here.

Motioning for me to come over towards his car to talk, he walks past Seamus. Fuck. What now?

Seamus asks me, “Want me to get rid of him for you?”

I shake my head, I blow a kiss to Mina who is watching the drama unfold from the safety of Seamus’s arms.

As soon as I get over to the car Michael starts in on me. “Look, Lee, why you change the locks? I wouldn’t even bother you if you hadn’t done that.”

“Wha… What do you mean?” I ask, confused.

“I need to borrow your debit card. I got this thing going…”

“You what?”

“What, bitch?” he asks as if I am wrong for questioning him.

“Would you have just gone in and taken my money? Again?”

“Look, Lee, I know you just got paid and shit. You got some to spare for me, I know it. Especially since you got him there taking care of you.”

I can’t believe anything that is coming out of his mouth. If mom heard him speak half of this to anyone she would have had his butt in a sling. But he is being rude, assuming.

“Michael… I don’t know what you are thinking or what you believe, but you have absolutely no right to come to my home, insult my boyfriend, try to steal my money or even admit you would have done it behind my back.”

Michael isn’t even phased by what I have said as he steps up into my face. “Lee, I don’t give a fuck ‘bout you and the bitch. I need the cash now, I got shit to do.”

I am speechless. It’s like he isn’t even capable of listening to me speak. “Michael,
. Go somewhere, anywhere but not here. Don’t come back.”

Michael stares at me hard. His eyes are turning so angry, so full of rage.

“Bitch, you are disrespecting me in front of my boys right now…” he motions to the car full of guys. “You need to get me my money right now or I whoop that stupid fuck there’s ass. Then I’ll beat yours for making me get mad.”

That must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back with Seamus, he is there in a flash. His hands gently set Mina into my arms. “Take our girl inside, honey. Michael and I have some business to discuss.”

I watch Michael pull his baggy pants up as he says, “We sure the fuck do.”

I step away from them. I want to stop them both and be a big girl about Michael, but I know he is beyond reason right now.

Seamus stands there, he doesn’t talk at all, just stares at Michael.

I expect Michael to start ranting again, but he does the dumbest thing I could think of him to do. He tries to make Seamus flinch my acting like he is winding up to hit him. Shit. I reach into my purse grabbing for my phone. I don’t want to do this, but I am going to call the cops on my own brother.

I have it out and almost dialed as Michael lets loose a tirade of vile words at Seamus. Seamus doesn’t even move a single muscle. He is like a brick wall—no, he is like a steel fucking wall, nothing affects him.

Getting ready to push the send button on my phone, it drops from my hands as I see Michael reach down into his waistband and pull out a gun. I have never seen a gun in Michael’s hand and it scares me to absolute death. Oh god, I am going to lose Seamus.

“Michael, no!” I scream out.

I watch in slow motion Michael raising the gun up to Seamus face. My mind is running a thousand miles an hour. Oh god, no. Don’t let him be taken from me.

I am moving too slow as I try to shield Mina with my body. I don’t know what to do but run. I hear something though that forces me to turn around. Michael emits a loud scream, loud and as shrill as a girl.

Spinning around, I see Michael press against the hood of his car, his head slammed up against the windshield. His arm is at a very bad angle, up on his back. I don’t see the gun anywhere though. I am shocked to see Seamus standing behind Michael, his massive hands holding him down as if he were a rag doll. Seamus isn’t even struggling, he just holds Michael there.

Seamus speaks in a loud, clear voice. “You are not allowed back here, Michael. You want to speak to Aaliyah you try it through text first. If she does not respo…”

“Let me go, bitch, you broke my arm!” Michael shouts.

“If she does not respond, you will not pursue her. Do you understand?” Seamus continues as if he wasn’t interrupted.

I carefully back away from the whole scene, trying to keep my body between Mina and the car.

I make it to Mrs. Robins door which is already open as she motions me to come in. “Get in here, dear. Seamus is getting rid of the trash.”

Chapter Thirteen

my temper is thankfully one of my better qualities. I don’t like it when someone causes me any kind of strife, especially when they try something as foolish as pulling a gun on me. A gun in front of Aaliyah and Mina. A gun he intended to do violence with in front of my two girls.

I hear Aaliyah shout and then run back into the apartment. Thankfully this giant assclown was just that—a fucking clown. I lift his head off the car and then slam it back down. It lands with a solid thump. The guys in the car are all staring at me with wide, fearful eyes. I raise his head again and this time I slap it up against the windshield.

Leaning down, into his ear I say, “Get the fuck away from here. This is my fucking hill. You try to come here again and you will turn up fucking missing.”

“What the… Man… you can’t do shit to me… Aaliyah…” Michael sputters. I can see right now he is going to need his attitude adjusted.

“Aaliyah will never know,” I say as I twist his arm harder. He starts to screech but I clamp my free hand against his mouth.

“Aaliyah will never know, and I know how to hide a fucking body.” Lifting him off the windshield I drag him to backseat door. Pulling him away, I motion for the guy inside the vehicle to get out.

The guy shakes his head slowly and locks the door.
Fucking pussy.

I slam Michael’s head into the passenger window hard a couple of times, each time he moans out. I’m pretty sure there is a broken nose now because the window is getting smeared with blood.

Pulling Michael back. “Get out of the car, fuckwit. If I have to come get you out, it ain’t gonna be good.”

Motherfucker rolls down the window. “Fuck no, man!”

“You need to drive; this dickhead has a broken arm.”

“I ain’t got no license man!” he rolls up the window again and ducks his head down low.

“God, motherfucking, dickshit, fuckwit, asshole!” I say as I drag Michael, who is slowly fading conciseness. I slam him hard on the trunk and am pretty sure he is knocked out now.

I look at a different guy in the window. “I don’t give a fuck if you have a license. If you don’t get the fuck in the driver’s seat I am going to put my fucking foot through the window. Then I am going to make you ugly for the rest of your life.”

The guy climbs quickly over the console and into the driver’s seat. I swing open the back door and toss Michael into the car.

Leaning my head into the car, I say loudly to all four guys. “I catch you guys around my hill again, your moms will be wondering for the rest of their lives where you went.”

They all just stare at me. “Got it?” I ask, then without waiting for a response I slam the car door shut.

The car screeches backward and away from me, then screeching again it is gone from the parking lot. I doubt this will be the last time we have to deal with that shithead though

“About time we blow this popsicle stand,” I mutter as I walk to the apartment building. Bending over, I pick up the nine millimeter off the pavement. Tucking it into the back of my waistband, I wonder how many more guns I am going to get while living here.

I walk into the lobby and knock on Mrs. Robins door.

Aaliyah pulls the door open quickly and stands there, staring at me. Her eyes are wide with fright and anger.

“Is he gone?” she asks.

Nodding my head, “Yeah, shouldn’t be coming around here for a while.”

“Are you okay?” She looks me up and down.


“Did you hurt him bad?” she asks and I can’t tell if she is mad at me. I hate lying so I just shrug and tell the truth.

“Not as bad as I could have. Broken nose, concussion and probably a torn muscle or two in his shoulder. Pretty sure I broke his wrist too.”

Her eyes blink a few times and I am assuming she is about to scream at me. She does the exact opposite, she leaps at me. Her arms around my neck, her head on my chest as I can feel her shoulders shuddering.

I wrap my arms tightly around her. “I’m sorr…”

She cuts me off, “Thank you for saving all three of us. I don’t care what happens to him, but us being safe… I was so scared for Mina and you. It almost killed me to leave you out there in danger like that.”

I kiss the top of her head. We stand there for a long time before Mrs. Robins comes to us with Mina.

“You guys okay?” Mrs. Robins asks quietly.

Nodding my head, I say, “Yeah sorry about all the trouble.”

“Don’t be.”

e have
a quiet dinner at Aaliyah’s apartment with Mrs. Robins then settle in for a bit of T.V. for the night.

As Mina starts to fall asleep on the couch with us I kiss Aaliyah on the head and say, “Let’s put the munchkin to bed.”

Standing up, I scoop Mina into my arms. Aaliyah nods her head as we carry her to her bedroom. Dropping off the little monster, I turn to see Aaliyah staring at me in the doorway.

“You are going to make a good dad someday. Mina already loves you like one, you know.”

Nodding my head, I walk to her and lean down, kissing her lips. “Is that an offer?”

Her eyes have this twinkle to them as she says, “Maybe.”

She reaches down and grabs the bottom of my shirt. Turning her back to me, she tugs me across the hall and into the bedroom.

I hold her still once we get to the bedroom, her back pulled tight against my chest. My head dips down to nuzzle my nose into the crook of her neck. As always her smell drives me to the brink of madness. Her natural scent is so intoxicating, so inviting. I breathe it in deeply before I latch down on her neck with a kiss.

“Seamus…” she whispers quietly.

“Hmm.” My hands are on her hips, my trapped cock presses deep into her jean-clad ass.

“Am I yours?”

“Yes,” I growl out.

My hands move to remove her pants. Unfastening her button, I tug down the zipper of her jeans and push them down with my hands. She is wearing a thong that laces up her delicious ass crack. I can’t help but moan quietly at the look. Just the look of her ass in a thong… She beats any model I have ever seen.

“Do I have any say in it?” She asks as she rubs her ass across my hard cock.

I fumble with my zipper before I get it and the button undone. Shoving my pants and boxers down my legs, I stop kissing her neck. “No, not really.”

“So what’s that mean for us?”

“You’re mine,” I say and step out of my pants. Kissing her neck briefly, I stop only long enough to get my shirt off me.


“Why do you ask?” I ask, running my hands up her stomach and cupping her breasts. Slipping the bra up, I hold her lovely breasts in my hands. They are heavy and the nipples are peaked. My fingers roll them around gently.

She pushes her ass back on my cock, the head of it slipping between her asscheeks and resting between her thighs. “Because that means you’re mine as well.”

I slowly slide my cock back and forth between her thighs, her wet pussy lips have fallen out of the thin material and are now coating my cock with her slickness. Fuck… I can feel my cock ooze the precum out of its tip. Yeah, I would have to say I am hers as well.


I slide my cock back and forth. She is so hot, her slick lips sliding across my shaft. Slowly, I pull my cock out as I push those panties down, over her asscheeks. Down I slide them until I can step on them and her pants. Pulling her leg out of one leg, then the other, she spreads her legs wide for me.

I pull her shirt and bra over her head. Her breasts are so full right now, I can only imagine how damn sexy she is going to be when I get her pregnant. Fuck, just the thought of that brings a surge of fluid from my cock. My balls tighten. Yeah, I can feel deep down how primal she makes me feel just thinking of knocking her up… Fuck.

I grab her breasts as I thrust my cock back between her thighs. They are muscular but meaty at the same time. Moisture leaks down her thighs as I slide back and forth.

“Oh god…” Aaliyah moans as I rub against her pussy.

Angling my cock upwards I thrust once, twice, before the head slowly spears her small opening. She may have had a kid, but fucking her tight pussy I would never know.

She grunts quietly. “Jesus, Seamus, that fucking thing is going to kill me.”

My right hand holds a heavy breast as I pull her back towards me. My left grabs her hip.

“If…” I grimace with pleasure, “You… weren’t so… tight.”

She moans when I am fully seated in her pussy. Her lips are so wet and wrapped around me. I push hard into her and pull back.

“Fuck…” I grunt. I am deep inside her and she is pushing back onto me as hard as she can. I slowly bend her forward, towards the bed. I need to claim her, I can feel it in my bones—I need to make her mine permanently.

“Fuck me, Seamus. Fuck me... Please.” The please comes out a whisper.

I grin as she slowly bends over in front of me, her legs are spread wide and my cock is spearing her deep inside her tightly little pussy.

I push in a couple of times as I feel her shuddering. Grabbing a hand on both hips, I pull back, then slam home.

Yelping out loud, she looks over her shoulder at me. “Fuck, you are big.”

I smile. “I think you should get rid of your birth control. You would look so good with my baby in your belly.”

Thrusting deep into her, she stares at me in shock or amazement. “God, Seamus…”

Her eyes roll back into her head and her drops forward. My thrusts are slow and steady. Every once in a while I will push all the way in, feeling her cervix wall rubbing my cock head.

She pushes back hard against me twice in a row. “I want to be pregnant again, Seamus… I want your baby in me.”

Fuck. My balls are boiling with sperm; I can barely hold on as I speed up my pace. I slip a hand around her waist and rub a slow circle on her wet clit. She starts pushing back harder and harder against me.

“Fuck me, Seamus. Oh, god! I am going to come so soon, put...” I push deep into her, she moans loudly. “Put a baby in me… I want to be a mommy to your babies.”

Fuck, that’s it. My hips start slamming hard against her ass, each thrust is long and deep. I can feel the sperm racing from my balls and up to my cock.

“Fuck, I am going to come!” I shout out.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieks out as she comes hard against me.

My eyes snap shut as I thrust hard, over and over. Each push sending a load of come into her waiting pussy. Each hot spurt holding sperm that could make her pregnant.

Fuck, I have never come as hard as my cock is right now, just thinking of getting her pregnant has extended my orgasm.

When we both finally come down from our orgasmic high we fall to the bed with me on top of her back. I grab my shirt from the bed and give it to her to use to clean up with. I have given up on keeping all my shirts.

I spoon behind her. “Fuck, Aaliyah. I didn’t know the thought of getting you pregnant was going to be a kink for me.”

She laughs happily. “I didn’t know it would be for me either.”

I snuggle her tightly against me. “Well, I guess we will be exploring that as soon as you get rid of your birth control.”

She turns her head to get a sideview of me. “Are you serious?”

“Well, yeah, you put the idea in my head. Can’t go back now,” I say.

She turns away from me shaking her head. “You are crazy.”


We lay there for a long time, both with our thoughts. I am pretty sure I am feeling like she is the one. Haven’t felt this way about someone before. Fuck. I don’t like feelings. They make things… all feely and shit.

My eyes are growing heavy when she asks softly, “Will you still love Mina as much if I give you a baby that’s from you?”

Pulling her tight against me, “Mina
mine. I don’t give a shit about blood.”

up in the morning to hear Mina jabbering loudly to us. Somehow we slept past her usual wake up time. Wow. We need to move my mattress over here or them over there. Her bed sucks.

I roll off the bed and tuck the covers around Aaliyah,

“I’m getting up,” Aaliyah moans out to me from under the covers. She starts to push the blankets down but I stop her.

“Stay in bed, baby. Mina and I are gonna go out for breakfast. I’ll bring something back.”

She looks up at me, “You sure?”

“Yeah, it’s the weekend, you need to sleep in ya know.” I say, and lean down, kissing her on those fucking amazing lips.

“Did you mean what you said last night? About Mina?” she asks quietly.

“Yes, I did.”

“I love you for that. And for many more reasons.”

“We’ll be talking about that when we get back. Your mattress sucks.”

Mina screeches out to us and I growly loudly back. I can hear her giggling in there and it makes Aaliyah smile sleepily at me.

I tuck the blankets back around Aaliyah and smile. “Go back to sleep.”

“Mmm’kay,” she says sleepily.

I grab the squirt from her crib and start singing to her as we go about getting ready for the morning.

t’s pretty cool having
Mina out with me. She lets me do that whole talking to myself out loud thing without anyone thinking I am crazy. That and she loves to growl at people. I can’t help but laugh at it, she is just too much like me.

As we are pulling out of the restaurant, my phone starts ringing. Reaching down to grab it I switch it on.

“Seamus?” A woman’s voice asks shakily.


“It’s Collette… Mrs. Robins… You need to get here as fast as you can. Someone just took Aaliyah.”

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