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Authors: Sean Moriarty

Gettin' Dirty (7 page)

Lying in bed, I look at the clock and wonder if I would be sleeping up behind her right now if I had stayed home.

Chapter Eight

ast night sucked
. Mina and I both watched the front door and waited for a knock, only I knew it wouldn’t be coming for at least another two days. Ugh! How in the world did I get wrapped up this far in Seamus? So far I am waiting for him to knock on my door even though I know he won’t be coming here tonight or tomorrow.

I swear I almost growled at the door like Mina did when she wanted him to come through it.

Getting to sleep easily? Forget it. My thighs ached this morning from how I kept rubbing them tightly together. I was trying to keep my hands from slipping down there to relive the moment that massive cock was thrusting between them. Each time he did I felt the large crown slide across my lips, my small clit sticking out as it got pushed up against it. Oh. My. God. How in the world can dry humping make me come so hard I could barely walk in the morning?

I threw his t-shirt in the wash with my other clothes and slipped it on as soon as it was clean. It’s huge compared to me but it makes me strangely happy. When I lay Mina down for the night with her starry night light on she traces the white lines of the band logo on the shirt. I have never heard of Parkway Drive, but it looks like a hard rock band from the design.

As I snuggle into the bed, I keep thinking about Seamus. He is dangerous and scary, but he seems like a very good guy despite those things. I give her an eskimo kiss right before she falls asleep. She is such a good girl, I hope she gets to have the chances I didn’t get. I am not blaming her for anything that has happened in my life but I certainly want things to be easier for her.

s I am handing
Mina over to Mrs. Robins she asks, “Where on earth did little Mina take up growling like a little monster?”

I feel my cheeks warming up brightly as I say, “Um, well, I met a guy…”

She smiles at me. “That is good, Aaliyah, I want to meet him!”

“I will bring him over as soon as he gets back in town from work,” I say.

It’s going to be a long day, I just know it. I want Seamus to be home with us already. Huh… I just thought about wanting him home with us. Shit.

I was so tempted to text him last night, and this morning is even worse. I just want to hear that deep rumbly voice, to hear his joyful laugh. I never knew what a joyful laugh was until I heard his. It’s like he takes life and happiness completely for granted and is not ashamed to show it. Where he gets that from I have no clue.

I wonder though what job he has that forces him to leave so quickly for overnight trips. I have no clue what it is but I am going to need to ask him. Also, who in the world just puts cash like he did in the envelope without a worry? I really need to talk with him.

Work is just as boring as always but thankfully I will have two days off for the weekend, and I can’t be happier about it. I have five minutes left until I clock out and I just can’t wait any longer. I pick up my phone and go to the one text he has sent himself from mine.

: Okay, I hate you for making me think about you this much. I want to talk to you as soon as you get home. Also, you’re an asshole!

e is too assuming
, thinking that I need him to take care of me.

I don’t get a reply right away or even after a couple of hours. Fuck. I don’t know what I was expecting, but he did say he wouldn’t be in touch. Shit.

I miss him. I need his body up behind mine, holding me tight. I push some extra pillows behind me in the bed and it just doesn’t compare to his big body or his warmth enveloping me.

My eyes are so heavy as I put the book I was reading down. Switching off the light, I yawn deeply. I put my head on the pillow and right as I am about to drift off to sleep my phone vibrates.

: Yes, I am. Sweet dreams, sexy britches.

about texting him back but I am so frustrated and happy I can’t.

up quickly in bed. I have no clue what in the hell woke me up because I don’t hear any noise beyond what is normal. I get up and do a quick search of the apartment. I don’t find anything at all but I just feel in my bones feel like something is wrong. Not here though. I check Mina’s room and don’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Looking around myself, I think of Seamus and my stomach twists itself upside down. Shit. I don’t know why but

Chapter Nine

ast night gave
me a pretty good overview of the operations of the club staff and its dancers. That’s my problem though, it’s so short notice that I can’t get on staff or plant someone in the staff to set up Gregory.

Two days. He’s going to be here tonight and tomorrow, but I can’t wait until the last minute. Too many things can go wrong with waiting until the last minute to take the fucker out. I have a hint of a plan in my mind, but shit. It’s fucked up even to my own mind. How the fuck am I supposed to kill one man and six guards? One man and six well-trained guards. Fuck. From the information I have on the guys they are ex-Spetsnaz as well. Not KGB, thankfully, but that’s little difference.


I look around my room while sitting here in my boxers, and all I see is shit that will not help me in any way. All I have are ten phones and a good load of C4.

The phones and the C4. I look around the room and smirk. Phones and C4. Hmm.

I need to kill a man who is surrounded by six very intense, very dangerous men. Four of them will be with him at all times, while the other two will be in black heavy-duty bulletproof Land Rovers. They are fully armored cars, windows and doors alike. Shit, from the specs I could get they are even supposed to be setup against IED’s like landmines and such shit. They are pretty much fucking moving safe vaults. A lot like the fucking armored truck I am getting from Frank.

I could always try to hit them with an armored truck, see if I could stop the vehicle that Gregory would be in. But that would still leave me with a separate truck trying to interfere, stop and kill me. They are heavily armored and trained to stop anyone killing their boss. They are paid so well there is no way I could even buy them off if I wanted to.

His guys are the type who will die for their word and honor. They have sworn loyalty to this man so they will die for this man. They also know they are so highly trained in the art of warfare that going head to head with them is almost certain death. They have a high chance of success compared to one lone gunman.


I want to use the C4 somehow on his vehicle but that’s the problem, they are going to be sweeping that bitch any time he needs to get in. They are going to be on watch at all times for anyone hanging around that car. I just don’t see a way of getting to them in the vehicles short of a rocket launcher. That won’t happen either, too much chance of them getting away because I pick the wrong vehicle or the vehicle itself doesn’t get damaged enough to cause a kill.

I could try for a sniper shot, but that’s just not going to happen. Too many variables. I could walk up and try a to just put a bullet in his head but that won’t likely work, and if it did I would most likely die right along with him.

I could just blow up the whole fucking club, but eh… I don’t think anyone wants that to happen. Too many casualties for one guy would be a little too much. Fuck, Frank would tell the whole world who I was if I tried that shit. No, that’s not going to work.

I lay back on the bed and try to let my brain just blank out. I need it clear of this problem, I need to think of anything else.

Aaliyah flashes through my mind and there comes the fucking hard as a damn rock boner. Shit. My cock is hard, and she is nowhere in sight. Normally when I have a hard-on I find the closest tight little sexy hole I can and push my dick inside. But now? Now I am trying to not fuck my fist with it. Just blow my whole wad right inside of my fucking fingers. Blow a wad so goddamn hard my hand will…

Fuck me. I fucking got it.

Looking down at my hand as it wraps tightly around my rod, I start snickering. I let go of my dick and start laughing loudly. I fucking got it.

I roll over the bed and grab my cellphone off the nightstand.

I hear it ring three times before a gravelly voice answers, “What? You need more supplies?”

“Sorta, Frank. I need some help actually. How much for you to make a call…”

into the club and the throbbing of the music does nothing to calm the nerves of my mind right now. My hands have a slight tremor but that’s normal for what I am about to do. Well I hope it’s normal. I haven’t done something like this since before I was an adult. Fuck, I feel like a kid, got the belly drops and everything. I wipe my palms on the legs of my pants and give myself a shake of the head. No, no, shouldn’t be doing anything with the legs of my pants. Not right now at least.

Walking around the main floor, I steer clear of a table near the front towards the main stage. Gregory is there and his henchman surround him. One faces in each direction. These guys aren’t carrying visible weapons though. They have them hidden under their black suit jackets. Each has a hand pushed under the jacket. I am willing to bet they had to pay a shit load of money to bring those weapons in here.

Me, I got checked at the door with a look. No place I could hide a gun. I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I look as dangerous as any other guy in here is my guess. Well, maybe more than the poor schlubs sitting around the bar. I do have a damn fine body if I do say so. Hell, I bet even the twins would still admit that.

I sit down at a table in about the middle of the club. Flagging down a waitress I order a beer. I need something to calm my hands down. They still want to shake even with me willing them as still as fucking iron.

As soon as my beer is delivered good ol’ red is back at my table asking me to buy her a drink again. I doubt she even knows who I am, which is good because I have a professional wig and hipster looking beard on right now. My hair is in a pompadour slick back that stands almost an inch and a half off my head. I look like one of those guys who sits around trying to be sexy at a mall. I would probably punch myself in the face if I didn’t look so good doing it though.

The contacts also help to change my eyes from blue to brown. I didn’t do one of those huge makeovers, they never work. I think that’s because it’s just too much to keep track of with your body language. Hair, beard and eyes work the best. Even if they figure out to look at all the visitors on camera, they won’t be able to see me from last night. I wore a long sleeve shirt last night which easily covered my tattoos.

I feel the phone in my pocket vibrate and I do a quick trip to the toilet. I don’t feel like digging deep in my pocket for a phone past all the other ones already in my pants.

Wiggling it out, I see a text from Aaliyah from earlier in the day that I ignore because of how damn much she is on my mind. The message has re-sent itself to me.

: Okay, I hate you for making me think about you this much. I want to talk to you as soon as you get home. Also, you’re an asshole!

, she misses me. Yep, I knew she would be falling for me already.

: Yes, I am. Sweet dreams, sexy britches.

he has
such sexy legs and ass. Fuck, I need to keep my thoughts straight right now if I want to make it through this tonight.

I slip my phone to the bottom of my pocket and feel the other ones as I pull my hand out. In my right pocket I have two and the left I have three. I plan on using five phones tonight. It’s gonna be a fun night.

Heading back out to the floor, I skip my table and make my way over to a side pedestal that has a dancer sliding around the pole all by her lonesome. I reach in my back pocket and palm out a wad of cash. I have about thousand on me, I thought about bringing more but right now I think I have just about enough to entertain myself while I wait for dickface to finish his shit.

I have plan A and plan B for tonight. I hope to fuck that plan A works because plan B is pretty fucking stupid way to die. The B one involves trying to start a riot in the city. Heh, even for me that probably wouldn’t work, and it’s a stupid plan. But then again I have done lots of stupid shit in my days to get a job done.

Fuck, this reminds me of the time I had to go to Egypt to assassinate some asshole on the run from the Italians. Fuck, that was fun. I made a half mile shot through his head when he wanted to see the pyramids at night. Wanted to climb the fuckers. He never even knew he was going to die except for that split moment his brains flew out the back of his head. The only problem for me was my stupid fucking Camel got scared of the fucking rifle shot and ran off into the desert.

The night stretches on for me as I drop bills onto the pedestals around the joint. The guys watching him haven’t moved away from him so I am forcing myself into uncomfortable positions to drop a phone gently into their pockets. Thank the fucking god of thieves and assassins.

I have only dropped two of the four I need to drop though. Fuck. Krystal Rear though brings me through the third drop. Thank fuck she has such huge tits. Damn things are driving Gregory to distraction as he brushes past a few guys to stand at the front of the stage.

His men try to keep pace with him but they aren’t able to make as much room as one guy by himself was. Number four though is going to be a damn issue because he keeps his back to it all and watches all us guys standing around. He seems a bit too aware for me right now so I pull back slowly. Gonna need some luck to get him with a phone.

I grab the redhead from the night before by the arm. With a slur in my voice I say, “I want a drink, honey.” She nods her head and starts leading me over to the bar. I spill some alcohol on us both as I stumble on a stair up to the bar.

“Sorry, sweetheart…” I mutter.

“S’okay, honey.”

Shit, she’s as drunk as I am acting. Her breath reeks of pot and whiskey.

Ordering a drink for the both of us, I motion for us to go back towards the floor. The main attraction Krystal Rear just finished up her routine and is heading back to the stage. I pull me and the redhead forward as I stumble us both into the last remaining guy. Red and I stink of spilled alcohol so I can already tell this guy pushes me away as someone who isn’t even on his radar as a threat.

Groaning loudly, “Damn, she’s gone!”

Redhead says, “I can dance for you baby.”

Looking her at her for a long moment up and down, I nod my head. “Okay, let’s get some titties on me!”

We walk cleanly away from the floor as I see Gregory heading towards the same private rooms as we are. I usher us into one of them quickly as I slump tiredly into my seat. I know I may be sober as a preacher on Sunday but I feel tired and heady with the small feat I have accomplished.

Reverse pick-pocketing is a fucking nightmare in the best of circumstances. It’s all about gently putting something in a pocket that is most likely empty. It’s about getting them when their pocket is shifting in such a way that they don’t notice a difference when they are back to normal.

Right now my back is sweaty as fuck and my balls are soaked with sweat. Thank fuck they keep this club hot as shit. The hotter the club the more people want to drink. Red starts off the same way as Blonde girl from last night does, and I really just want to push her off my crotch. It’s swampy as shit down there and feels like the fucking dead zone from hell. Damn cock won’t get hard it seems for anyone but my chick Aaliyah.

I don’t bother with the second dance as I push her off. Right now she just makes me sad. She is so fucking looped up on some drug or another that she can’t tell just how shitty she does at dancing or making anything comprehensible when she talks.

make a slow
, slightly unbalanced act while walking out of the club. I beam at anyone and everyone who tells me to have a good night. I want people to remember me as the happy drunk guy, not the one who is getting ready to kill seven people.

I stumble towards the piece of junk car I found at the closest college. I am making myself as bland as possible with this. I drive slowly away from the building and parking lot. As soon as I am out of sight of any possible camera from the club, I slam my foot on the peddle. Racing about a half a mile away, I drop the car off after wiping it down for prints.

I slowly drive back to the club with my SUV. About a block away I pull into a bowling alley’s parking lot and drop off my vehicle. I walk the alleyways from here to the club. I see the two black Land Rover’s idling on the side of building. I situate myself behind a dumpster as I peek between it and the building I am leaned up against. I have the perfect view right now, I don’t think I could find one better than this.

, I have been here for an hour and the same mother fucking rat has come up to my boots three fucking times. He is getting just too god damn complacent with my big stupid ass hanging around. Right as I am looking up from having kicked the giant fucking thing away from me I see motion in the cars.

The engines sound like they are revving up. I slide myself up the wall as I pull my remaining cellphone from my pocket. It’s going to be a quick because I need confirmation that the deed is done and I need to text Frank when to call as soon as they are in the car.

The cars don’t move as I hoped they wouldn’t but rather stay still. I stumble walk out of the alley with the cellphone down in my hand.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Gregory and his men walking towards the vehicles.

Muttering loudly, I hold the phone far down as if I am trying to see what’s on the screen clearly. “Shitty, fucking phone.”

They walk past me and I grin to myself. I continue to stumble for two steps then press the send button on my phone. Just as I hear the doors to the vehicles slam shut I whirl around with the video camera part recording.

It’s a matter of physics. Filling up the empty space of the phones with C4, I got them as heavy as I could with them still able to receive a signal from the satellites up above us. That small signal is all they needed to make a giant kaboom in the vehicle.

I snicker as the explosion happens until I feel a sharp stab in my shoulder. Fuck. Looking down I see a piece of metal sticking out of my shoulder a good three inches. Shit.

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