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Authors: Sean Moriarty

Gettin' Dirty (6 page)

I park my car in front of the building and see little Mina on Ms. Robins hip, waving out the living room window at me. She is such a sweet lady to Mina and I. I truly do not know what I would do without her. She has fed us when we had nothing, and nurtured us when we were low. The woman barely allows me to pay her for babysitting Mina, but I insisted since I was able to get on a program that assists single mothers with childcare.

All of a sudden my stomach unknots and the stress of the day fades away, just because Mina smiles at me in that magical way that she does.

I wave back, getting out of the car quickly. It doesn’t take long for me to get Mina from Ms. Robins and then get her to promise she will stop by for dinner this week and lunch on the weekend. I don’t know what her financial situation is, but I always try to take care of her as much as she does me.

I say I have no one left in my life that I can trust, but I wonder if I only mean that in a family way? Because I sure do trust Ms. Robins. I love her like a grandmother. I am quite sure Mina feels the same way even if she can’t express such emotions yet.

I take a quick peek at my phone as I start to unlock the door, no messages from Seamus yet. Giant brat texted himself from my phone, I still can’t believe he would do that.

Opening the door of the dark apartment, I accidentally kick a white envelope across the carpet. That’s strange because our mail is delivered to the mailboxes in the hall by the front door.

Bending down as I set Mina down, I pick up the letter to see it has mine and Mina’s name on it.

I shut the door to my apartment as I get everything turned on and situated. Walking into the kitchen I grab a knife to slice open the envelope. Inside is a sheet of paper. And three one-hundred-dollar bills. What the fuck?

Hey Sexy Britches,

I won’t be able to make it tonight, I had a sudden job I need to do out of town for the next two nights. I won’t be able to talk to you until I get back so I left some money in case you need anything. Take care of the little monster. Maybe take her to one of those kid places she can play at with other kids her age? Not really sure if they have those for her age or not. Have a good night. See you as soon as I get back.


P.S. That purple thing in your drawer is tiny compared to me and I will make sure you are ruined for all other men when I get back.

I screech out a very loud curse word in front of Mina as I read that last part. How the… I… That fucking giant shit. I can’t believe he would say half of that to me. Though, if I am being honest, my core does one of those massive clenches thinking of him stretching me with his… cock. Fuck. How the hell can someone make me so mad and so damn horny at the same time?

I shake my head at the thought and then look down at the money. What the fuck! I am so confused and aggravated that he would be so damn presumptuous that he would even dare leave money for us to do something with… I mean who the fuck does he think he is? And where in the world would I take Mina that would cost us three hundred dollars? This man is certifiably crazy.

I look over to Mina and she is giggling as she toddles to me. She lets out a growl just like Seamus taught her. Damn.

Chapter Seven

like leaving Aaliyah and Mina right now, it feels off. I can’t figure out why though. I shake my head at my thoughts as I slide the letter under Aaliyah’s door. It is what it is.

Five million for the death of one guy. It seems absurd to me. It’s a lot of cash to be throwing around. A lot. Five million is retirement money for just about anyone, even if I was broke it would be life-changing retirement type of money. But I’m not broke, not in the fucking least. I have more than I am working for on this job, but that was hard-earned money. Money from the death of others, from being a bodyguard, for delivering packages to men in deserts who wanted to kill bad people. Shit, that money was hard-earned, and I have never been given this kind of incentive to kill one person. Never. I haven’t even heard of someone as low grade as this guy is commanding such a high price.

It’s odd that he is commanding such a high price. Millions of dollars bounties are reserved for governments putting out rewards for terrorists. I just don’t like the twitch in the back of my mind on this. Frank has always been on the level with me and I don’t think he is in the know if there is more to the hit than this. But even he was sounding wary when I tried to get specifics out of him.

Heading up the interstate, out of the city, is a pretty smooth affair. I don’t see any traffic until I get close to Dayton. During a couple of long stops on the highway I finally give in to my paranoia.

I dial an overseas number on a burner phone and wait for the line to pick up. It’s six here, so it’s midnight in Paris.

“Oui?” a soft female voice asks as the phone is picked up.

“Simone, my love, how is the city of lights?”

“Fuck you, Seamus.” I hear before the phone is slammed down and disconnected.

Well, I knew she was mad, but damn it’s been at least eight months. Shit.

I dial a second number hoping for a warmer reception this time.

“Bonsoir?” the female voice is sleepy sounding.

“Monique, my dear.”

“Die, you bastard.” And this phone slams down as well.

Well, shit. Twins are just too much alike I guess. I probably should have restrained myself last time I was in Paris… But I wanted to see if twins were exactly alike everywhere. Turns out they pretty much are. Least in body, taste and feel. Not style though. No, that is where they differ. Fuck, I need their help though.

I dial Simone again. “Do not…” she starts.

“Five thousand American…” I say before she can finish.

“What is it?” she asks in a very clipped manner. I know she is pissed as hell at me but money is money in this world.

“I need you both to get some information for me.”

“What kind?”

I hear someone else pick up a phone. “How dare you call us…”

“Monique, he is paying us for a job.”

“Hmph. He is a pig and a bastard,” Monique says.

“Ladies, ladies, let’s keep this professional.”

“Yes, lets.”

“What is it you need, Pig?” Simone asks.

They love me they really do. They just need more time to cool off.

“I need all the information you can get on an Ex-Spetsnaz named Gregory Dragovich.”

“Seamus, ex-Spetsnaz are very close to still being Spetsnaz,” Monique says.

“Yeah I know, but I need to know what’s happening in that corner of the world and I need it as soon as possible. Say five hours?”

“That is not much time… I say we charge him more,” states Simone.

“Yes, I agree.”

“Fine ladies, seventy-five hundred.”

“It is a deal,” they say in unison, then the line disconnects. They must be pissed at me, but what can I say? I am a man of passions.

I am out of traffic and moving through to the other side of the city now, heading further north when I get a text on the burner phone I was using. No words, just an image. It’s Simone—I can tell by the blue and black hair. She is completely naked showing off her lithe figure with her middle finger shoved out at the camera. Yeah, she still wants me.

The text from Monique with her black and red hair is almost exactly the same pose. She is using her left hand to give me the finger instead. Both women, though, have the same pale white skin and dark blue eyes.

he drop
and grab for the phones and C4 is smooth and efficient. I get the folder that Frank has on the guy and his guards. It’s not much, more pictures than anything else. There is a small work-up of Gregory—he is ex-Spetsnaz, has a mean temper and spent a long stint with the KGB. Well, fuck me. That is not good to hear.

KGB and the Spetsnaz are just two things that make this job more and more dangerous. Shit.

I dial Frank on a different burner phone. “Frank, you do know I expect payment if I complete the job but die?”

“Who the fuck are you going to give the money to, Seamus?” he asks, his words are blunt, but the tone has some compassion to it.

I give him Aaliyah’s address and name. “Don’t fuck me on that, Frank.”

“What the fuck do you take me for, Seamus? Do you want to call my honor into question?”

“No. Sorry, Frank.”

“You better be.”

“Hey, fuck you, Frank. You never mentioned KGB.”

“I just got the full file about a half hour before you. Shit is looking a bit tense. You thinking of backing out?”

“I wouldn’t have called you about the money if I was.”

“Got it.”

I disconnect the phone and look down at it for a long moment. Fuck. He is letting me back out. That does not make me feel any better. I pull the SIM card from the phone and put my lighter to the chip. I snap the phone in half then toss all the shit on the side of the highway when I don’t see any other cars.

finally arrive
in Toledo around eleven o’clock after I kept hitting shitty traffic spots. Fuck, I hate traffic. The fucking hard-on I got halfway to here didn’t help any either. And it sure as fuck wasn’t about the twins. Fuck, I am already missing my sexy momma, Aaliyah. Damn, she is just fucking perfection.

The little monster is pretty damn awesome too.

My burner phone rings and I look down, it’s Simone.

“What’s going on?” I ask after accepting the call.

“You are one stupid boy, Seamus,” Simon says with annoyance in her voice. I hear another line pick up.

“Yes, very stupid.” Monique parrots her sister.

“I thought I was just an asshole. What did you find out?” They want to drag this out, punish me a bit more I guess.

“That your target has very powerful enemies.”

“Yeah, I figured as much, that’s why he has a hefty price on his head,” I say in a growl. I want the information, not this whole tit for tat shit.

“Yes, Seamus,” Monique says quietly, this time there is no teasing in her voice. “A very large price, but with that price comes all the baggage.”

“He’s ex-Spetsnaz, I would be surprised if he didn’t have baggage.”

“He is also ex-KGB. Though one might not think as much if you see his communications with his old friends there.”

“Okay, that might explain the price… but…” I say. I know they have more than he was KGB.

“You are not the first they sent after him, Seamus. They tried to get Lucky, but he dropped off the map completely.”

Lucky, yeah. The man is gone like a ghost in the wind. I got a text from him one time saying he was out and done. That was a while ago, he disappeared, I suspect, with that wife of his.

“So? I’m better than him,” I say

“That is undecided, Seamus,” Simone says, laughing.

“So far there are three that we could discover information about that are dead, Seamus. They didn’t make it past his men.”

I shrug to myself, so the fuck what? I am not most men.

“Anyone I know?” I ask.

“Two men, no. They were from the eastern Bloc. The last a woman you did.”

I frown, I only know of three hitwomen. “Who was it?”

“Miss Ghost, Jia Lee.”

Wow, that sucks. She was a damn good assassin if a bit off in the head. I knew her pretty damn well, actually. I had to fight her once over a kill we both were contracted out for. I wanted the money, the guy we were sent after had a pretty damn big bounty on his life.

“Yeah, that sucks. Any info on what happened to Jia?”

“Only that they didn’t make it easy on her. She failed in getting Gregory to walk into her trap, they spotted it long before she could spring it. When they found her they must have taken their time. From the police reports it was clear she had… had a very rough time of it,” Monique says.

“Got it. Okay, send the information over to my email. I’ll get a look at it tonight.”

“Seamus, this one might be a good time to sit out,” Simone says.

“Nah, can’t do that now. Revenge and a new life are calling for me,” I say right as I disconnect.

Jia Lee meant a bit to me, even if she was crazy as a fucking loon. She was a person I had relied on before. Maybe not a friend, but pretty close to one.

The fight we had was pretty bad, and we certainly didn’t use our mouths. That damn girl could use her fists like no other. She hit hard as fuck, and when I hit her in the mouth? She spit out blood and whispered to me, “I love you.” Bitch was crazy as fuck.

off my bags at the hotel room and head right back out. I need to scope the strip club out. From the information I got from Frank and the Twins I know this guy will be here for two nights to see a touring stripper named Krystal Rear.

Gregory apparently has a thing for tall, tan blonde women with gigantic breasts. I looked her up on my smart phone and I’m a bit ambivalent. She just doesn’t do much for me.

Pulling into the lot, I get a good view of the building. It’s new and it’s huge, lots of cars and a constant flow of people in and out.

I pay my way in and feel the loud bassy strings of a guitar as a hard rock song belts out of the speaker. The music is loud, the lights are dim and there is pussy, hard cocks and broken dreams everywhere. It’s going to be a long night.

It’s not even five minutes from when I sit down with a bourbon on the rocks that a tall well-built redhead stands in front of my table, staring down at me with a smirk.

“You look lonely, sugar. How about I sit down and you buy me a drink?”

I snort, yeah right. My drink is watered down piss practically. I bet they give her a water and she pockets the cash I spend on it.

“Nah, I’m good,” I say and stare back out to the surrounding floor.

There are multiple little dance stages and one huge stage in the middle. I see a lot of women gyrating their hips and torso’s all over the place. Some are dressed, some halfway to naked and the rest are naked. There isn’t one discernible type of woman here. They’re all colors and types, most in pretty good shape though there is the few who are more voluptuous.

“You would be a lot better with me though,” the redhead says in what is supposed to be a sultry manner, but I just see trashy.

I look her in the eyes—yep, glassed over and dead looking in there.

“Move on, tits, I’m not interested.”

She huffs loudly and turns away. She purposely struts her hips wide as she walks to another table. This time she must say the right things because she is invited to sit down with a group of guys.

I am hit on a couple of times, but nothing that keeps my mind from the job or Aaliyah. Fuck. Even here in a strip club with scantily clad women who get fully fucking naked right now, and a lot of them are fucking beautiful, I still have her on my mind.

I drink a couple of bourbons and then take a lap dance offered by a skinny little blonde. I need to see the building as much as possible. I want to know where everyone is if possible.

She pulls me through a long black curtain and we are in a large room with little curtained booths along four walls. Almost every one of the booths has the curtain pulled shut to provide some privacy.

From the sounds I am hearing and the smells coming from some of the little closed off alcoves, I’m pretty sure what happens here isn’t exactly legal.

Trixie, the small blonde, pulls me into a cubby hole. Tugging the curtain across the entrance, she smiles to me. She twirls her hips to the song that has just started up, reaching for my hands. She pulls them up and onto her bra covered breasts.

“I have to tell you the rules real quick, stud,” she says, as she twists around and sits on my lap.

I fight my first instinct of kicking her off me while she rolls her bony ass on my limp cock.

“You should know you are not allowed to touch me.”

Yeah, right, I think as she pushes my hands all over her tits and under the lacy bra.

She continues to rub against me and I wonder if she is just too dumb to notice my lack of sexual attraction to her.

“You get two songs, if you want longer you gotta pay more.” She spins around and straddles me. Grabbing each of my hands, she places them on her ass cheeks.

In my ear she whispers, “If you want more, you just ask and I tell you how much.”

I nod my head in understanding but hold my tongue as I inwardly grumble about how fucking long these two songs are going to be.

By the end of the night I am disgusted. I smell like sweat, alcohol and sour pussy. I am frustrated as well because I am not fucking Aaliyah right now. Not a damn one of those strippers holds a candle to my girl.

Slipping into the shower, I crank it up to full heat. I need to clean off the fucking slime I feel on me. As I am soaping up my cock, I think of Aaliyah. Us in the bed, the night sky barely providing any light as I slowly thrust my cock into her tight, hot pussy. The feeling of how wet she gets as I push in hard then pull out slowly, push in hard and pull out slowly.

My hand strokes my cock. I haven’t had a release in a while and I can feel how heavy my balls are with the seed waiting to spill into her. I imagine rolling her onto her back, her legs spread wide to accept me as I lay between those muscled thighs. My cock spearing deeply into her. The moans I can almost hear, her breathing deep and raspy.

Fuck. My balls erupt as I think of her screaming into my mouth from her own orgasm. I get out of the shower and feel somewhat relieved but I am so full of need for her I don’t think that orgasm took off any of the frustration I am feeling. Shit, I am needing this woman.

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