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Authors: Sean Moriarty

Gettin' Dirty (8 page)

I continue to film for a moment then duck out of the way as people start making their way out of the club to see what that sound was.

The cars didn’t explode outwardly except for a few pieces, thankfully. That was part of my plan. See, I know those cars are built to keep explosions and bullets from coming in. Well, that theory rebounds on itself. They also keep big shit from coming out too.

Inside those two Land Rovers there was a gigantic explosion followed by shrapnel from their weapons. Bullets and anything that could get destroyed did. There won’t be a single fucking person alive in there now.

Fuck, my shoulder is hurting right now and I can feel the hot ooze of blood leaking out of me.

Looking down at the phone, I text the video over to Frank then push the contact button to call him.

“What’s up, Seamus?” he asks. “Hold on. You just text me?”

“Yeah. Watch the video.”

He grumbles something for a moment then comes back to the line. “Wow.”

“Yeah, that was the only thing I could figure out to do.”

“I can see,” he says, chortling.

I grunt as I keep walking steadily and as normal as possible.

“I need a stitch, Frank. Can you send me one?”

“How bad you off?” he asks and his voice instantly goes into business mode.

“Not bad, just need someone to stitch me up and make sure I’m good.”

“Three thousand,” he says.

“Take it off the grand total then. Have em come to my hotel.” I give the address and then ask, “How long for the deposit?”

“I will get the video over to the right people. Should have half tonight from my side and the rest tomorrow from theirs.”

“Nice. Thanks, Frank.”

“Have a good night, Seamus.”

Disconnecting the phone, I make it back to my SUV.

I am not too bad off, really. The metal is in pretty good. I wiggle it a bit and it hurts enough for me to know it’s probably stuck deep in there.

I drive quickly back to my hotel and thank fuck I made sure it was one of those hotels that the room door leads right out to the parking lot.

I get myself into the room without an issue. I wrap my shoulder up with a garbage bag to keep the blood from getting everywhere. It’s not leaking just yet but I am pretty sure it will be soon. I unpin the hair from my head and pull the beard painfully away from my face.

A knock at the door gets me up from a chair and I look out the peep hole. It’s a cute little blonde standing there with a small gym bag. She is about five-five, not weighing much more than a hundred and ten. She is cheerleader cute and has a small but decent looking rack on her.

Opening the door, she doesn’t barge right in but moves pretty quickly. She says with a big smile, “Hi, sweetheart! I missed you so much!”

I pull back a bit as I let her step past me. “Missed you too, baby.”

Shutting the door, I turn to her quickly. “What’s the guy’s name who sent you?”


“Good.” Pointing to my shoulder, I say, “I need some help.”

Nodding to me, she takes me by my good arm to the bathroom. Sitting me down in the bathtub, she starts unwrapping the bag. Looking at the metal buried in my shoulder she nods her head.

“Okay… I can give you lots of pain meds to knock you out if you want, this isn’t going to be fun for you.”

“Can you just numb me up for it?” I ask. I don’t want to be knocked out with someone I don’t know working on me.

Looking at my face for a long moment she comes to a decision. “Yeah, but you get all jumpy and try to hurt me because I am working on you, I have to knock you out. Got it?”

Nodding my head. “Got it.”

She gets up and grabs her bag. Opening it up, she sets up what looks like a surgical table worthy of shiny metal. Scalpels, grips, needles. All kinds of shit including gauze and rinses. She must be a one-stop shop.

Cutting my shirt from me with scissors, she keeps all the bloody shit in a plastic garbage bag she has beside her.

Her movements are swift, deft and pretty damn clinical as she inspects the metal stuck in me. In any other situation I would be tempted to hit on this cute little woman, but fuck that. She wields a scalpel just a little too well.

As she injects me with the local anesthetic, I ask, “What’s your name by the way, Doc?”

“Rose,” she says and looks up at me with a smile. “You?”


She pushes the needle in a different place, and I yelp out, “So ya married?”

“Nope. Don’t move so much, you pussy,” she says and grins at me. “How about you?”

“I don’t know.”

“How in the hell can you not know?” she asks with a laugh. “What? She catch you cheating or something?”

“Nah, nothing like that. More like I found her and she has my head wrapped around her pretty damn bad.”

“Does she know about this stuff?” Roses asks, gesturing around us at the bathroom and the blood.

“No, not yet.”

“You gonna tell her?”

“I don’t know.”

n hour
later I am sewed up and have a shit ton of Advil in me. She cut me a couple of times to loosen up the skin around the metal shrapnel and boy was it very interesting to see her work, but if I had the choice of watching that again I sure as fuck wouldn’t.

I am not sure what to do though when Rose packs up her big bag and drops it by the bed. She leans down, grabbing clothes out of a smaller bag she had stuffed inside the large one.

“You get the bed,” she says as she heads into the bathroom again.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?” she asks back from behind the bathroom door.

“Are you staying the night?” I ask. Fuck. I do not need a complication like her right now. I know I am sexy but I have Aaliyah.

“Don’t get the wrong idea Seamus, I am only here for appearance sake now. I will be on the floor.” I hear the shower start. She’s showering… great. She sticks her head out from the bathroom door, “Don’t get in bed yet. We need to put a plastic sheet down and then a sheet I brought so you don’t leave any blood in the bed.”

“Oh. Okay,” I say as I go over to my bag and pull out a pair of jeans. These are clean and have no blood on them.

Pulling off my bloody but dried shit, I push them into the same bag as the rest of the blood shit has gone. Quickly as possible, with one hand, I change underwear and slip on my jeans.

I pace around the room for a short time as I wait for Rose to come out. Flipping on the T.V. I turn to the local news channel to see if anything is on about tonight.

Yep, broad as daylight they have cameras watching from a distance as police and firefighters mill about the crime scene. They are covering it and interviewing bystanders. So far they have no clues. Good.

I grab my phone and I’m tempted to message Aaliyah, but I don’t. I can’t see her anytime soon, and right now I wouldn’t want to risk getting a giant fucking boner around the Doc.

Rose comes out of the bathroom not too long after I start pacing again. She is wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Her hair is up in one of those towel wrapped up things women do.

Smiling at me, she asks, “How are you feeling?”

I shrug with my uninjured shoulder. “Sore and tired.”

“You’re a big guy, lay off the working out for a few days. Start back up slowly, everything should heal well.”

She digs around in her bag, producing an orange bottle of pills. “Take this three times a day. It’s an antibiotic. Should make sure nothing bad happens to ya.”

Nodding my head, I take a pill over to the sink where I pour a glass of water. Gulping it down, I watch as she makes the bed up for me and then makes hers on the floor.

I slip into bed and groan. Lying on the side that’s not fucked up, I say into the darkness, “Thanks again, Doc.”

“You’re welcome.”

Chapter Ten

he ill ease
I felt that woke me last night is gone, but I don’t like the feelings that it invoked. I know I shouldn’t be feeling anything hokey like that, and honestly whatever I am feeling for Seamus is probably hyper-exaggerated for whatever reason… But I like him, I really do. Sometimes all you need is a feeling and you know it is right and real.

Last night Mina did not like going to bed at all. I think she misses her growly friend. I know I sure do.

It’s getting out of work and driving home that has me antsy as I can be. Shit, I feel like my heart is going to burst through my chest right now. It, and the dropping feeling in my stomach, are making me feel queasy.

Damn. His car isn’t in the parking lot. I look all around the lot but I don’t see it anywhere. That’s not what I wanted to see, I want him home right now so we can have our talk and then I can fuck his brains out. Shit!

“No! No fucking his brains out!” I say quietly as I park my car. Really, I am admonishing myself more than anything. I know I shouldn’t fuck him and I’m sure my warning is right. But dammit he shouldn’t have gone out of town when he did. It’s not fair.

Looking around again, in the hope that I somehow missed his SUV when I looked the first time. I sigh again, it’s still not here. Damn.

I head into the apartment building and knock on Mrs. Robins door.

She opens the door with a smiling Mina standing next to her. “Hello, Aaliyah. How was work today?”

“Long, Mrs. Robins. They had a client who wanted their backlog of records pulled up. It was a very long day.”

“Ah, those days are always the ones that try us the most.”

We talk for a few more minutes and then it’s time for me to sweep Mina up into my arms. She growls at me and I growl back. I guess this in my new, new—growling to say hello.

y phone twirls
loudly as a text pops up on it. It’s close to dinner time, I have been putting off making anything in hope Seamus will be here soon.

: Knock, knock.

: Who’s there?

send back
, wondering what kind of corny joke he is going to say.

: Open your door.

: Open your door, who?

: No, seriously open your door.

a loud laughing sound coming from outside my apartment door and I groan. The giant, tall shit.

I run over to the door, swinging it wide open. There, standing in the light of day, is my giant. He looks every bit as sexy as I remember. He is so damn tall I have to stare up into those dark blue eyes with my head tilted back. I missed him. Two days gone, and I missed him—I am in so much trouble.

We stare at each other for a moment before he looks past me to the loud giggling girl streaking past me over the threshold. She latches onto Seamus’s leg. He laughs down at her and picks her up into his arms. They stare at each other for a long moment before letting out a growl and I can’t help but laugh. She has certainly found her monster. He hugs her for a moment and then faces me.

“It’s good to be back. I missed you, sexy britches.”

He reaches for me with his free arm and pulls me tightly into him. Leaning his head down, he places a light kiss on my lips. Gentle, soft, caring and it feels like lightning just shot right from my lips to my soaking wet pussy. I am instantly aroused and ready to jump this man. Only us being outside and in front of Mina stops me from humping his leg like some stupid dog.

I shake my head and take a step back.

“I missed you too. Do not leave me like that again,” I say and point my finger in his face.

“I won’t.”

Reaching down, I pull his free hand into the apartment. He grunts as he steps in and slowly sets Mina down on the floor. Looking back, I see a small grimace on his face.

“What’s wrong?” I ask with concern.

He shakes his head. “Just sore. Been a long couple of days.”

I nod my head and say, “What do you want for dinner?”

“How about I take us out for burgers and fries? Maybe steaks?”

Just like that I feel him in my home again and it feels completely right. He is here with me, and he is all mine now.

“Either sounds good. Let me get Mina ready and we can go.”


A huge medium rare steak hits my stomach perfectly. The rest of the meal is just as good but I need the protein. My shoulder this morning wasn’t feeling so good, and the long drive down here didn’t do anything to help the stiff aching feeling. The bed may have been nice, but it has nothing on my mattress at home. Having a very attractive woman in the same room with me but my dick being in a coma was not exactly comforting.

Fuck, I missed these two women though, and with it being only two real days that I’ve known them is just weird. Should I be concerned that they have taken a spot in my life so suddenly? I don’t know. I tried looking at it objectively on the way home but from all angles it has a different feel to it. A different
to it, I’m not entirely sure what the feeling is.

Should I even bother worrying? Right now I am happy—happy in a good and new way. Fuck the worrying. After the last couple days, I think I have earned it.

Aaliyah is looking at me strangely as I take a drink from my cup. I know I better find out why, it’s one of those are
you kidding me

“What’s up beautiful?” I ask.

She frowns at me, “You have no idea do you?”

It’s my turn to frown. Fuck, what did I do? “Um… About?”

She nods her head just slightly to our waitress. “She has been shoving those big breasts in your face and flirting with you ever since we got here, and all you have been doing is eating and trying to get me and Mina to laugh.”

“She has?” I look over to the waitress. She’s not bad, cute even, but no longer my type.

I shrug my shoulders. “She’s not my type.”

“Really?” she asks uncertainly. “She looks like a pin-up girl. I would think she is just about everyone’s type. Hell, even I think she’s hot.”

I take a second look at the waitress, she still hasn’t turned into what I want.

“Nah, not really what I am into.” I look back to Mina who is staring at us both, trying to figure out what’s going on. I can’t help it. I cross my eyes at her and she shrieks loudly with laughter.

Looking over to Aaliyah, I have my eyes crossed still. She laughs and shakes her head at me.

“So, what exactly do you do for a living Seamus?”

“I’m a freelance troubleshooter.”

“A what?”

“Well, I’m the guy who gets called for problems within an organization or business, they tell me what the issue is and I take care of it. From package handling to removing problems from the company.”

“That is very vague, Seamus.”

I nod my head. “It was a vague job. Though I just got my severance package today. I am retired.”

“You’re what?”

“Retired, as far as I’m concerned.”

“Okay… I think we really need to talk tonight when we get home…” she says, then corrects herself. “I mean… when we get back to the… apartments.”

I look into her eyes and she seems embarrassed.

“Home sounded like a better choice to me,” I say.

She nods her head and smiles.

We finish the meal quickly. Mina is doing her thing and I make the mistake of reaching cross body to grab the check when it comes. My shoulder erupts in fire. I stifle the groan but not the facial expression.

“Seamus,” Aaliyah exclaims. “Are you okay?”

Nodding my head, I don’t think I did any more damage than what was already done, more than likely I just stretched it.

She nods her head, but I can tell she doesn’t believe me.

We head out to my SUV and we strap Mina into her car seat. She giggles at us as we head back to the apartment.

I reach over and latch my hand onto Aaliyah’s. It’s warm and so very soft.

aliyah is
with Mina for a very short time then she comes strolling out of the bedroom. She is so damn sexy. Standing up, I just stare at her. Fuck, she is sexy. I mean it too. When I hugged her earlier, I could smell her—just the natural smell of her skin has me craving her. She must be putting out some serious pheromones or something because I am craving her deep down. I mean like possessive, want to lock her up in my bedroom and ravish her all day long, kind of craving.

I look down into her eyes and start to lose myself. I am not sure how long we stand there, staring into each other’s eyes, just holding hands, but when I slowly come out of whatever we are doing I feel goofy and completely at peace. She shouldn’t be able to have this effect on me.

She comes out of the stupor with me and gives me that smile, the one I think she saves just for me.

Pulling my hands, she tugs us to her bedroom, though I don’t really need much persuasion.

Inside the room she turns off all the lights except a small one in the corner. Each time she moves around the room I keep my eyes glued to her body. She is like seriously stupid fucking hot.

She is nervous though, I can see it as she stands there before me. Her eyes are bright, but she chews on her lower lip.

I pull her to the bed and stand her. Lifting her shirt slowly up, I enjoy every single moment of her body being revealed. Her breasts bounce as I pull the shirt fully up. I want to say she has such a motherly body to her, but that wouldn’t be the full truth. She has her body, it’s hers. She has curves and flat spaces. Each is a work of art in beauty.

I smile at her as she reaches behind herself and unlatches her bra. A simple shrug of her shoulders bring those amazing breasts into focus and I can feel my mouth salivate at the sight of them. I unfasten the button on her jeans and the lower the zipper down. She stops breathing as I brush my fingers across her stomach.

Pushing her jeans down, I bend over. Her legs are long and very strong. She has to know her body is amazing,
she has to
, because it is driving me absolutely insane. Her small black panties are not the kind I see women usually wearing to impress men—no, these are for comfort but also just look so good on her hips.

My hands shake as I push her panties down her legs, past her calves. Slowly rising back up, I kiss her legs slowly, then her thighs, and at last a kiss on her shaved pussy mound.

Up, my kisses glide. She gasps again and again as I place kisses on her stomach and nipples. They are so aroused right now, I have to hold myself from giving them light nips.

Standing in front of her. “You are absolutely beautiful.”

“Do you truly think so?” she stammers.

Nodding my head, “Yes, of course. How could you doubt it?”

“Because I have…” she motions to her light stretch marks on the her hips and stomach.

“War wounds.”

“What?” she asks.

“War wounds from being the best mommy around.”

“You are odd, Seamus.”

Shrugging my shoulder, I say, “And you are the hottest woman around. Seems like we fit.”

She shakes her head, smiling at me. “My turn.”

I snicker. “Be gentle, I’m a virgin.”

Laughing out loud, she smirks “Bullshit.”


She grabs the bottom of my shirt and I slap the fuck out of myself mentally. Fuck.

Lifting up the shirt, she slides her hands all over my abs and pecs as she moves it up to where I have to lift my arms. Thankfully my head is covered when I lift my arm up. I don’t make any noises but I sure do use a few bad curses inside my head.

She pulls the shirt up and off of me. Her eyes are on my stomach and pecs first. She licks her lips while looking at my abs. Yeah, I have to admit it, I work pretty damn hard to have that V down there. She stops smiling and frowns. Her eyes are wide as she runs her fingers over the fresh stitches and the red skin around my wound. It’s not small really, about two inches long. Her eyes go from the wound to my eyes, back and forth.

“Seamus… How did this happen?”

“Part of my last job,” I say. I don’t really want to say too much.

“Are Mina and I in danger?”

“No,” I say with feeling. Never.

She keeps her eyes on mine, all the while her hand rests on my wound. It is unnerving how long she stares at me. She is judging my words, I know it. Judging me, my actions and what I’ve said.

“Will we be in danger from your old job?”

“No. I promise you.”

“Will you protect us?”


She moves her hand over, just her fingertips tracing the stitches. “This scares me pretty badly, Seamus.”

“I’m sorry, Aaliyah.”

“Are you in some gang?”

“No. I was in something, but that has been resolved permanently. I went freelance for a while, but that’s done too.”

“Will you tell me about it all?”

I wince. “Right now?”

“Fuck, no,” she says and looks up at me. She is absolutely serious when she goes on, “This scares the hell out of me, but I believe you. You will keep us safe. You’ve said it. You can’t take that back.”

Those words rock me in my mind, she says those things with so much faith. She is right too.

“Whenever you’re ready for me to I will.”

Nodding her head, she leans forward and kisses the wound. Like I thought before, she is so motherly. Like some beautiful goddess of nature tending to her worshipper.

She unbuttons and unzips me, her hands are so soft. They cause little twinges in my stomach when she runs her fingers over me.

Pushing down my boxers and jeans, she leans down with them, giving me the exact same treatment as I did her. She slowly drives my body insane as she places a long lick across the head of my throbbing cock.

I can’t take it anymore when she stands up fully, kissing my lips with all the passion she has in her. My hands push her shoulders back as I sit her down on the bed. I have to taste her right fucking now.

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