To Mend a Broken Heart (22 page)


“Good morning, Katie.”


“Good morning, Daniel.”


“How did you sleep?” his voice is deeper, husky with sleep.


“I slept the best I've ever slept. How did you sleep?”


“The same. The novelty of waking up with you in my arms is still so new, I know in my sleep you’re here, Katie. I sleep so soundly since we’ve been together.”


“I’m glad.” I smile, kissing his long fingers again.


“Are you ready for coffee?” he asks, kissing my neck.


“Yes, please.” I turn in his arms, pressing a kiss to his chest.


“I'll make it then come back, I have a couple of hours before I need to be at the shoot.”


I watch as he gets out of bed, unabashedly naked and walks to the bathroom to get some water for the coffee machine. Once he has set it to start, he climbs back into bed and pulls me to his warm body. I sigh and kiss the tattoo over his heart then rest my head on his chest, throwing my leg over his. Daniel kisses the top of my head and pulls me even tighter to him, like he’s afraid I’ll escape.


“So, what are you going to do today?” he asks me, running his fingers up and down my spine.


“You’re going to groan at me if I tell you.”


“I won’t groan at you,” he laughs softly, “What are you going to do?”


“I’m going to Bloomingdales.” I grin… and Daniel groans.


“Of course you are,” he laughs, “Leave a female alone in New York city, she is going to shop.”


“You’re working, I can’t go to the Empire State Building, I can’t go to Top of the Rock, I can’t go to the 9/11 Memorial, so I’m going shopping. Do you want to shop?” I lean up and look at him.


He has the sweetest grin on his face, like what I just said is the funniest thing. He looks genuinely happy and my whole heart fills with love for him. Fills with hope and happiness. It’s an incredible feeling.


“I’d do just about anything with you, Katie.” he smiles.


“Well, I’m saving you the pain of shopping.” I kiss his chest and snuggle back into his warmth.


“Then tonight, I’m taking you out.”


“Where to?” I ask, curious.


“It’s a surprise.”


“Well… will I need a new outfit?”


“Did you not bring enough?” he chuckles.


“I brought…
, yes. But is it fancy? I might need something new if it’s fancy.”


“If you’d like something, get something. Whatever you wear, you’ll be breathtaking.” he tells me, smoothing his hand down my back.


The coffee finishes brewing and Daniel climbs out of bed as I prop myself up with the mountain of pillows. We sit, snuggled together in bed enjoying our morning coffee before Daniel goes to shower. I listen to him singing and grin to myself, I love happy Daniel. I must fall back to sleep as I’m woken later by a damp Daniel kissing me softly and whispering that he needs to go.


“I’ll see you back here?” I mumble half asleep.


“Yes, I’ll be finished by three. Have a wonderful day, take photos, lots of photos so I can see what you get up to.”


“I will.” I mumble.


“I wish I could climb back into bed and snuggle with you, you’re entirely too tempting right now.” he groans, kissing me again.


“Tomorrow, tomorrow we snuggle together.” I grin as he slips a hand into the duvet and down my body till he reaches my hip.


“This afternoon, we’re taking a nap.” his thumb rubs circles on my bare hip.


“Sounds perfect.”


“I need to go. Please be safe,” he kisses me one more time before getting up off the bed and going to pick up his bag, “And if you need anything, phone me.”


“I will. Have fun!” I call as he walks to the door.


“You too!” he calls back.


Ten seconds later the door snaps shut and I’m all alone in the huge bed, surrounded by Daniel’s scent and the New York skyline for company. I could stay here all day and I’d be happy, I’m not going to though, I’m going shopping and I’m going to find somewhere that makes huge fluffy pancakes and I’m going to eat my weight in them.



Chapter Twenty



I am in shoe heaven. I’m pretty sure at least two of the pairs I am currently lusting over are coming home with me. They are whispering to me, I can actually hear them telling me I have to buy them. I ask the sales assistant for my size and wait, looking around at more shoes that I’m pretty sure I’ll fall in love with too if I look at them too long. When the helpful young man comes back holding the boxes, I happily slip my foot out of my boot and sock and into the brown leather pump. It’s like slipping my foot into a shoe made just for me. This is what Cinderella must have felt like when she tried on the glass slipper. I double check the other pair fits, this one in black, before nodding happily to the young man and telling him I’ll take both pairs.


“I really should step away from the shoes before I buy another pair, two is more than enough.” I laugh.


“My girlfriend tells me, these will go with everything any time she wants a new pair of shoes,” he smiles, “Then we go out and she tells me she doesn’t have a pair of shoes to wear!”


“It’s not just me then?”


“No, definitely not just you. I’m sure your husband feels the same as I do,” he glances at my left hand, “Men don’t really understand women and shoes… or bags.” he smiles.


“Oh, I’m not… Yes, I’m sure he does.” I swallow down the lump in my throat at the mention of my husband and smile.


I still wear my wedding ring, the poor guy doesn’t know that my husband is gone. I thank him for his help and take the bags containing the shoes from him. He wishes me a good day and I the same to him, then I head to the dresses. I need a dress to wear with the shoes, don’t I? I also need to cheer myself up a little and a new dress never fails to cheer me up. I spot
dress as I exit the lift. It’s white and has lace sleeves, I love lace. I find my size and take it to the changing rooms to try it on. It fits perfectly and teamed with the tan pumps I just purchased it’s going to be perfect. After stopping for coffee, I’m surprised to see it’s already two-thirty. Making my way back to our hotel I arrive a little after three and meet Daniel waiting by the lifts.


“Hey handsome.” I whisper as I approach. His head snaps up and his breathtaking grin spreads over his face, his eyes lighting up when they see me. He holds out his hand for me and I take it, lacing our fingers together. The lift pings its arrival and we both step in. Daniel eyes the bags in my hand and grins.


“You had a successful trip?”


“The best, wait till you see the shoes!”


“Shoes? What kind of shoes?” he asks, leaning a little closer.


“Heels, pointed toe… Just wait, I can’t explain them and do them justice.”


Daniel steps a little closer and pins me to the wall gently, dropping his head, he presses a soft kiss on my lips, a kiss I return wholeheartedly. I’d missed him today. The lift arrives at our floor and we step out, walking the short distance to our room. Once inside, I place my purchases on the bed and let out a surprised gasp when Daniel, spins me around and pulls me to him.


“I’ve missed you.” he murmurs against my lips seconds before he kisses me.


This kiss isn’t soft or gentle, this kiss is demanding and deep, this kiss is claiming and makes my legs feel like they are going to give way from under me. Luckily for me, Daniel’s strong arms are wrapped around me.


“I see that.” I grin against his lips.


“Do you want to shower with me?” he asks, pulling back to look at me.


“I’d love to.”


Daniel leads us both into the bathroom, he starts the shower and begins to undress us both. His hands lingering on the swell of my breasts, the curve on my bottom, the little indents on my lower back. His eyes roaming hungrily over my body making my nipples pebble. When we both step into the hot water, I groan and close my eyes. Daniel presses his chest to my back and reaches for the shampoo. Massaging it into my scalp as his deep voice fills the bathroom.


“Tell me about your day.”


“I went shopping. Other than coffee and pancakes, that was all I managed. The time just seemed to vanish!” he chuckles against my shoulder before placing a kiss there.


“And you bought a pair of shoes?”


“I bought two pairs of shoes… and a dress.”


“Will you wear it tonight?” he asks, turning me to face him.


“Yes, I plan to,” I lean up and kiss his tattoo, tasting his skin and the water flowing freely down his body, “Tell me about your day. Was the shoot good?”


“It was. They would like me to take some more the day after tomorrow.” he smiles.


“You know I’m so proud of you.” I smile. reaching up with shampoo in my hands to wash his hair too.


“I do now, yes.” he smiles sweetly at me.


“Are you going to tell me where we’re going tonight?”


“No. It’s a surprise. Are you going to show me the shoes and dress?”


“No. It’s a surprise.” I tease him, pulling his head towards me to rinse the bubbles out of his hair.


We finish our shower and wrap ourselves in the fluffy white robes hanging on the back of the bathroom door. As Daniel said we would this morning, we climb into bed, both of us yawning, still suffering a little with jet-lag and snuggle. We fall asleep wrapped in each other and wake up in much the same way. I know Daniel is awake when I open my eyes, his hands are running up and down my bare thigh, my robe having either fallen open or having been opened by Daniel.


“Did you sleep well?” I whisper into the darkened room.


“I always do with you here.” he whispers back, his hand continuing to explore.


“Are you after something, Mr Lambert?”


“Would it be unreasonable to say, yes?”


“No,” I turn in his arms and look at him, “What would you like?”


“You. Always, always you.” his eyes shine with the truth of his words.


“You always, always have me.” I tell him.


“Then… I’d like to make love to you, Katie.” his gaze drops to my mouth and I know he is picturing what I am picturing.


“Then, make love to me.” I reach for him, pulling him on top of me as I fall back onto our cloud of pillows.


* * *


I look good and I feel even better. The dress, the heels, my hair pulled back loosely and the smokey eyes are perfect. I am in the bathroom putting the finishing touches to my make up before Daniel and I go out to dinner. He hasn’t seen the dress or the heels… or the lingerie I’m wearing under my dress for him. Taking a deep breath, I open the door and step out. Daniel is standing looking out of the huge windows, dressed for dinner in my favourite navy suit. His jacket is laying on the bed. From the back, my eyes travel along his broad shoulders, down his back encased in a crisp white shirt and navy waistcoat, then further down to his bottom, Daniel has a spectacular bottom. His legs are long and muscular, his feet incased in a pair of slightly pointed shoes that make his big feet look even larger.


“What do you think?” I ask, alerting him to my presence.


He turns slowly, his eyes going wide as he takes me in. His grin is so wide it takes over his whole face as he steps towards me, holding out his hand. I take it and he swirls his finger in the air indicating I should turn for him. I do as he asks, grinning.


“Wow.” he breathes when I turn to face him again.




“I don’t think there is a word, Katie. You look sensational, breathtaking.” his eyes meet mine and I can see the truth in his words shining there. I see love too.


“You look incredible,” I lean forward and run my hands down his chest, “A waistcoat? I definitely needed a new dress.”


“Too much?” he raises an eyebrow at me and looks unsure.


“No!” I shake my head, “A waistcoat is never too much. Especially,” I lean closer and rest my mouth at his ear, “When you look as incredible as you do in it.”


“Shall we go to dinner, beautiful?” he asks, reaching for his jacket.


“I’m taking my coat, I’m going to freeze out there!” I look at the dark night and know it’s cold.


“We’re getting a taxi there and back, they’ll drop us right outside. You won’t have chance to get cold. And if you do?” he steps towards me and pulls me to him, “I’ll be sure to warm you up when we get back.”


“Always the gentleman.” I smile, slipping my scarf around my neck and my coat on.


“I’m not sure I’ll be entirely gentlemanly when we get back with you looking like that, Katie.” he shakes his head.


“Mr Lambert,” I gasp, “Whatever do you mean.”



* * *


I’m spoiled all night. I’m treated to a candlelit dinner overlooking the New York skyline, there is champagne and the most incredible meal I’ve ever had. Daniel is relaxed, laughing and reaching over for my hand, placing soft kisses on my knuckles at every opportunity. After the dessert is cleared away, Daniel declines the offer of coffee and practically drags me out of the restaurant and into a taxi. We ride up to our floor in silence, our mouths joined together the whole way, Daniel’s hands on my waist. When we tumble into our room having consumed a bottle of champagne between us and several glasses of wine, we are all hands and mouths, our need for each other sizzling the air between us.


“Would you like a coffee?” he pants, stepping back from me.


“Now?” I breathe.


“I think we could both do with calming down a little, I don’t want to rush this. I never want to rush a moment with you, Katie.” his hand comes up and he traces my swollen bottom lip with his thumb.


“Okay, yes. Coffee.” I sigh, slipping off my coat.


I watch as Daniel makes us a coffee, he removes his jacket but leaves everything else on. He is incredibly handsome tonight. So graceful. So manly. His profile one that I don’t think could ever be beaten. When the coffee is ready, he comes over and sits opposite me, resting his knee against mine. Both of us stare intently at each other, unable to look away. The air in the room seeming to crackle and sizzle with our mutual desire for each other. Daniel takes me by surprise when he stands and walks over to his coat pocket, he reaches inside and takes out his phone. Scrolling through till he finds what he wants, he presses play and a piano begins.


“Dance with me, Katie.” he asks, holding out his hand to me.


I stand, taking his hand in mine as he pulls me to his warm body. We move, slowly to the music, swaying back and forth in our own private little moment. The words washing over me so beautiful, clearly words Daniel feels right at this very moment. When the song finishes, we slowly, without having to say a word, begin to undress each other. Taking time to explore each other’s bodies. I relish discovering just where to touch Daniel to make him groan, where to touch him that seems to shred his self control. In turn he enjoys discovering I love to be kissed on my hipbones, that I love having the soft skin behind my knee caressed. With more kisses and caresses, we learn that our love making can be intense and all consuming, that joining our bodies in this way is beyond anything either of us have ever experienced.


“Can you feel that?” Daniel whispers as we move our bodies together.


“Feel what?” I whisper, pressing my lips to his shoulder.


“My heart, it’s racing, Katie.”




“It’s because of you,” he kisses me, “It’s all because of you.”


“I love you, Daniel.”


“I love you, Katie. More than I thought it was possible to love another person.”


Sometime later, I lay on my tummy in bed watching Daniel sleeping. The moonlight is sneaking in through a little gap in the curtains and it’s casting Daniel in the most beautiful light. His dark blonde hair looks almost white, his strong jaw looks even more powerful in this lighting. He is peaceful right now, no bad dreams, nothing but peace. It’s a rare thing for him and I treasure knowing he has found that peace with me.


I’m waiting. Waiting for the guilt I’m sure will hit me but so far, it hasn’t. Am I finally able to accept my relationship with Daniel is the right thing? The natural thing? Something I shouldn’t feel guilty about? I hope so. Life has been difficult for so very long, I’m scared of it being easy again. When you’re this happy, surely something is going to come and take it away. Isn’t that what happened to both of us? I guess I have to trust that life is happy right now, that after all our heartache, we are getting what we deserve. I hope we are. Daniel, more than anyone in the whole world, deserves to be happy, deserves love and peace and I’m all of those things for him and he is all of those things for me too.



* * *


The next three days we spend as much time together as we can. When Daniel is needed for another shoot, I busy myself in bookshops, sometimes losing entire mornings just looking through all the many paperbacks the shop has to offer, smiling at how different American paperbacks are to the ones we have in England. We fly back home tomorrow. The trip, although a little short, has been one of the most incredible I’ve ever had. If books make you a geek, then Daniel and I are definitely geeks. After spending hours in bookshops yesterday, we have ended up in the New York public library, because, where else would a book lover want to go? It is huge, packed full of books and it’s our idea of Heaven.


“I’m pretty sure all the people here are residents and looking for a book they can actually take out.” I whisper to him as he picks up a huge photography book.

Other books

Dead Men's Harvest by Matt Hilton
Gucci Mamas by Cate Kendall
Brangelina by Ian Halperin
Rider (Spirals of Destiny) by Bernheimer, Jim
Les Guerilleres by Wittig, Monique