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Satan’s Fools MC Book 1


Needa Warrant


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Sneak Peek “Behind These Walls”





Morgana looked at the home pregnancy tests she had lined up on the sink, one for each month she had been late. Raven was going to kill her. She saw her gynecologist today: eighteen weeks pregnant.

Going into their relationship, he had told her they would have children someday. However, that day had never come. Over six months ago, he’d been drunk and it had been quite a night of sex. She’d stopped taking the pill without him knowing. He finally told her there would be no children in their future, three years into their marriage.

She loved him too much to leave him, so she became pregnant on the sly. Just thinking about how he’d lied and never planned to have babies with her made her cry. She looked into the mirror and saw the beaten down woman she’d become. She wasn’t sure what he would say to her, but she’d waited months to tell him.

He would hear it through a locked metal door.

She starved herself and wore baggy clothes so he wouldn’t notice. Not that he seemed to look much at her anymore; she was just an inconvenience to him and he told her so many times.

It was time to pay him back for all the rotten things he’d done to her.

Everything had been a lie in their marriage, it seemed. She’d gotten the job in the prison as a nurse when he’d suggested it before they married. Deep inside of her, she wondered at the time if he was using her, but the love she had for Raven was pure and she refused to believe he didn’t love her as much as she loved him. Of course she knew that his club, Satan’s Fools, would always come first. Over the years, she’d done many illegal things to prove to him that she was able to be trusted.

When the prison was being remodeled, she’d told the contractor that she’d pay him to use the cell parts he was ripping out to build a soundproof prison cell in her basement. It was her twenty grand in cash that made it happen. Soundproofing cost an extra two thousand. Not to mention the plumbing—she’d forgotten what that cost! The man thought she was a crazy, kinky nurse and had tried to come on to her. Thank God her brother Whistler had shown up or she might have been raped. The contractor had looked at her for weeks thinking she was a sexual pervert and she was sure there had been gossip going around about her. It never reached the warden’s ears, thankfully. Raven had kissed her and told her what a good ol’ lady she was. She never saw that contractor at the prison again and had heard he died in a violent road accident with most of his crew. Raven was probably the cause of it, but she was smart enough never to mention it.

Raven was a Sargent at Arms for Satan’s Fools MC and he liked to inflict pain on rival MC members. She wasn’t sure how many men had been in that cell over the years. Raven kept it clean and she was always out of the house when it was in use. He even made her stay at her sister Lana’s house if there was going to be an extended stay in the cell.

She hated the cell. It was down in the basement with a false wall in front of it, but she knew it was there when she washed their clothes. What a fool she had been to ever let him talk her into getting it, but now she was going to put it to good use. None of Raven’s brothers knew he had it except for Whistler, and they hated each other now because of her. Once, they had been best friends, but Whistler hated seeing her look so sad and unhappy. He’d told her to kick Raven out but she couldn’t do it.

The cell would serve her purpose well. She gathered up the pregnancy tests and hid them in the bathroom closet under some towels. Tonight, she was going to tell him she was pregnant. Her sister and brother were in on her plan and would be in the area. Raven wouldn’t take the news well, so she had stolen injectable Midazolam. Just one shot of five milligrams should knock him out so she could drag him into the cell. She was hoping Whistler would be there to do it because Raven was a big man. She had two syringes ready: one with the full five milligram dose and one with a three milligram dose. For all the cruel things he’d done to her, she was going to teach him a lesson he’d never, ever forget.

Lana was a psychologist with a sick mind, probably from listening to prisoners tell her their gruesome stories. It had been her idea to put video cameras with live feed going into the cell. Raven would be able to watch her in any room of the house instead of television. He’d be able to hear her too if she allowed it. They put speakers in the cell ceiling in case he was able to somehow break the bank of televisions sets they’d put behind the Hammerglass. It was three hundred times stronger than glass and supposedly guaranteed to be virtually unbreakable. Raven wouldn’t be able to get out of seeing her for the next few months. Before she was due to have the baby, she’d be long gone and eventually call Whistler to let him out. Raven wouldn’t bother to try and find her because she knew his pride was at stake. If his brothers knew she had imprisoned him in his own cell, he would be a laughingstock in the club. Not to mention he wouldn’t want to pay child support. Of course Whistler wanted to kill him, but that wasn’t what she wished for Raven; she only wanted payback and was certainly going to get it.

She came out of the bathroom to take one last look at the cell. She walked carefully down the stairs and flipped the light on. There would be no darkness for Raven either. He hated to sleep with a light on, so she made sure the lights were protected and even had made sure there were sunlight bulbs in some of the light fixtures. She knew how important vitamin D was for depression and other health issues. She didn’t want to kill the bastard; she just wanted payback for the years she spent believing in him.

She had given him what the prison supplied: a thin mat for sleeping on the steel bunk that was mounted to the wall, a thin pillow, coarse sheets, and a rough wool blanket. She had supplied him with a few pairs of cotton pants and scrubs in that drab green color he hated. By the toilet there was no-name toilet paper, toothpaste he could apply with his fingers if he wanted, and an all-purpose soap for his body and hair. Oh, he was going to flip out when he didn’t have his usual body products. The small comb would take him hours to get though his thick hair. The thought made her grin. A few oranges and apples were on the floor along with a plastic cup and a spork. Her list of rules had been painted on the wall. If he destroyed the cup or spork, he wouldn’t get another one. If he tried to harm her, she would flood his cell with cold water. If he stopped up the toilet, he’d live with feces. As long as he was decent to her, she would be as decent as she could be to him.

Everything looked perfect to her, so she walked back upstairs to check on his dinner. She was making him a prime rib roast since he was going to be on the road for a few months going nomad. He’d thought she would be upset when he told her, but that had triggered off her plan. Her brother would put his motorcycle in a storage locker. They didn’t use trackers, but he’d check in case the police had one planted on his bike. If they came looking for him, she could honestly say she had no idea where he’d gone on his bike.

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