Lost In Our Darkness (Demons Of Darkness Book 2)










Lost In Our Darkness

Demons Of Darkness 2






























This book does contain drug use, heavy profanity, and adult situations. Do not read if you are looking for rainbows and unicorns.















© 2016:

Lori Keller


This book is a work of Fiction. Any name, characters, places or incidents are the products of the Author’s imagination or used facetiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.


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Chapter One


I held Zaiden in my arms as I looked out the window. I didn’t think I would be able to do it. Keep him. Throughout my entire pregnancy I went back and forth on whether or not I would keep him or put him up for adoption. I knew though as soon as I held him in my arms that I couldn’t give him up. I held him close as I pressed a kiss to his head. He was my life now.

As I stared out the window of my one-bedroom apartment I thought about how different things would be had I stayed with Nix. Would he have wanted me to get rid of the baby? Or would I have been caught in the crossfire again and lost him.  From here on out though it was Zaiden and I. I worked my ass off while I was pregnant. And saved everything I could.  I had money but I didn’t know how long it would last. The apartment was paid monthly in cash. I didn’t want a paper trail. When I left I ditched my car at a bus stop and took a cab to a buy-here-pay-here dealership and bought a cheap car with the cash I had.

And here I was a year and a half later still thinking about Nix. About Nitro. Hoping that the two of them didn’t blame the other for why I left.  I cleaned them both out. I had the combinations to their safes and took all the cash they had. I had to. I needed the money to start over.

Things were starting to be different though. I slipped up. I let my guard down. Zaiden and I were at the store and I was bending over and my shirt pulled up my back. I didn’t notice until I turned around. A man stared back at me. “Nice tat.” He grinned and walked away. Now I was becoming paranoid. Scared for myself and Zaiden. I had managed to keep the tattoo hidden until the day I gave birth. The doctor and the nurse both paused and stared when they’d seen it. They knew what it meant but luckily the whole doctor patient confidentiality kept them from saying anything. This time though was different. I had been noticing a black van following me. Or maybe it was part of the paranoia. It didn’t matter, I knew I needed to make a decision. I held the cell phone in my hand and prayed his phone number was still the same. I dialed it and waited as it rang.

“Yeah,” he answered

“It’s me,” I whispered.


“Yeah, it’s me. I need your help.”

“Give me an address.”

“Come alone.” I rattled of the address and hung up. I sat on the couch that I had moved so that it was facing the door that I added two dead bolts to. There was only one way in. I held Zaiden in my arms as he held his bottle to his mouth.  I had my gun sitting next to me where I could reach it easily. This was going to be the longest few hours of my life.








Things had been crazy since Edge had to step down. He was in an accident that left his right leg useless. He couldn’t ride so he couldn’t hold his position. Me being VP meant I had to step up and take his place. Shit hadn’t been easy. I now had Venom at my side but ever since his old lady popped another kid he has been going soft on me. He got rid of all his snakes claiming they were too much with everything that was going on with his oldest daughter and now he had a son. Fucking kids.

I was sitting in my office as Lexy, or whatever the fuck her name was, kneeled on the floor in front of my chair and sucked my dick when I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Lexy started to move. “Nah, keep going.” I pressed her head back to my dick.

“Prez I got to make a quick run. Might take me a few hours. I got that shit figured out with Venom. Everything is on for tomorrow.”

“Make it quick. Things are going to be rocky for a while and we may have to go on lockdown. Do whatever it is you need to do and get back here, Nitro, I mean it.”

“Will do.” He smirked as he shut the door behind me.

“Are you going to suck my fucking cock or what.” I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head up.

“Yes Nix.” She forced a smile on her face. She was new and didn’t have a fucking clue how to suck a fucking dick. I was close to throwing her out and calling in Cheyenne. At least she knew how to suck a fucking dick. That was all she was good for. The last year though she has kept her distance from me and I her. She reminded me too much of Trix. That fucking bitch. Things ended ugly with Cheyenne and I whenever we did cross paths. Better I just leave her alone.

Fuck this. I stood up and pushed Lexy away from me. Once I started thinking about Trix there was no way Lexy would make me cum. Fuck. Trix sure was good at fucking everything up. “Get out.” I growled at her as I zipped my pants up and headed out to the bar. I needed a drink, and I had people to check on.








Chapter Two

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